Sunday, July 1, 2012

Niagara Falls, 6/28 - 29/12

This picture is from the link. Looking at this picture the falls on the left is the American Falls and the right is the Canadian Falls/Horshoe Falls.

Yes, I have seen photos of Niagara Falls but what you don't get from photos are the sound of the rushing water. We are looking at the American Falls from New York. (Word to the wise when looking for directions - destination should be "Niagra Falls Attraction".)  There is a Niagra Falls, New York.

Voila! Try to imagine the booming sound of the gushing waters...

Proof, I was there. Good bye Niagara Falls Attraction, New York.

Now over to the Canadian side, Ontario.
My friend Rocky of Toronto helped me book a room at the Sheraton On The Falls - Niagara Falls, ON
From our room you can still hear the booming gushing sounds of the water.
Using my zoom lens, I like this picture - notice the perspective: people and nature.
From this picture, you can see a smaller fall to the far right.  It is called Bridal Veil Falls.
Here is a better picture of Canadian Falls also known as Horseshoe Falls.
At night, it was like a carnival.
Search lights from Canada helped illuminate the Falls.

The next day, I had to take more pictures from our room.

This structure was taken from Canada however it is in New York and allowed us to get the side of the Falls as you saw in my beginning pictures.
Went out for breakfast and wanted Richard to stand next to the tallest guy.
Okay just a couple more shots before we checked out.
You can experience more of the falls by taking one of these Maid of the Mist boat tours. Both the American and Canadians have this opportunity.


Marcia F. said...

LOVE your pictures!!!!! Soooo cool!!!!! :)

jalna said...


Erick said...

Great waterfall shots! Love the one with the lights.

celia said...

Make sure to have a passport handy. The Canadian side is the best!

SW said...

That's awesome view from the hotel.. you can just sit and watch it all day long! Great shots of the Fall.

celia said...

OMG - the sound of the wateris amazing. The closer pictures of the Falls are on street level. I had to find an area I could keep put my camera on. There was a wall but some areas had trees infront.