Tuesday, June 20, 2023

My trip back to Hawaii, the island of Oahu, 7/8-7/21/22


Knowing, I would have 13 days here, I preplanned my get togethers.

Friday, 7/8

I arrived at 1 pm, (thank you Sandy for picking me up) the day of our 50th reunion - yes class of '72. I went to  Hawaii School for Girls later known as La Pietra. We had 34 graduates. Although this a small group of us, we enjoyed our reunion and saw at least 5 on Zoom.

We are giving a side view to show off the earrings our friend, Cynthia, in France made for us but was unable to attend. She was so thoughtful to make us earrings.

Saturday, 7/9

Early lunch-  at Margaret's with her husband and Ruth.

Tonight was the all class reunion.

After, I went to Bourbon Street to join Glenn's group for some dancing.

I usually don't see the sunsets in LA. This was so pretty, miss these.

Sunday, 7/10

Breakfast at Zippy's with Ann. She was my walking buddy at the condo. 

My photo friends gave me a party. The guys and I have been taking photos since 2009 so we have bonded. About 2 years ago, I met Natalie at the Koko Head Botanical and included her in this group.  As you can see from this photo, it was pretty fun. Thank you Curtis.

Monday, 7/11

Met Larry at 5 am at Ala Moana Beach Park. He is such a wonderful person greeting walkers. I think in 2021, Evelyn suggested we walk due to the Pandemic, we felt uncomfortable about going to the gym. Evelyn, Dee Dee, Fran and I would meet 5 am. Larry and Sam was always there, I think they were there at 4:30. This morning, I was happy to see the guys.

After, I walked over to Ala Moana shopping center where I met Glenn. He drove me to the North Shore and enjoyed lunch at this place - one of my favorite stops.  I really enjoy their Sweet Lady of Waiahole dessert (warm kulolo and haupia ice cream)

5:30 pm - Mahina and Suns - with Melinda

Tuesday, 7/12

8:45- Foster Gardens - made photos at here with the guys then lunch at Nikos' - yay, local food

4:00 pm - Ann and I walked in the neighborhood

6:00 pm - Zippy - Kamehameha Lions Club General meeting (thank you Sandy for driving me there)

Wednesday, 7/13

6:00 am - Starbucks with Ruth, Anne, Fran and Evelyn

9:45 am-  Sweet Es with Sandy and SN

5:00 pm - Assagio with Carol O.

Thursday, 7/14

4:30 am - Ala Moana Beach Park - Dee Dee and Evelyn (thank you Fran for picking me up)

11:00  - Song - hairdresser, color and trim (thank you Fran for driving me there)

1:40 - Fooki and later Dunk'n Doughnuts - Pauline and Joy 

6:00 - Tadashi - Sharon

Friday, 7/15

4:30 am - Ala Moana Beach Park - Dee Dee and Evelyn (thank you Evelyn for picking me up)

The Coffee Crawlers - it was fun to meet them in person. We later played Hanafuda

Sakura Terrace - celebrated my older son, Michael's birthday - 41 years old. It is also his uncle Gary's birthday.

Saturday, 7/16

Thank you Evelyn, for going out with me.   

Tiny Pyramid - Dawn, Ali, Donna, Melvina, Brenda 

6:00 pm - Peitro - Eiko

Sunday, 7/17

Suntory - Royal Hawaiian Center - Kathy and Karen

5:30 pm - Kahala Country Club with my cousins on my dad's side.

Cecilia, Lori, Cookie

Gene, Sid

Monday, 7/18

8:15 - Ann, went to various places

10:00 - Main Library to see Eyes of Hawaii photo exhibit. Island Brew - Melinda

6:00 pm - Gyotaku - Carol B. D. and Melinda

Tuesday, 7/19

4:30 am- Ala Moana Beach Park - Fran

5:30 pm- Akira, forgot to take photos - Diane, Annette and Linda

Wednesday, 7/20

5:30 pm - Hy's - my appreciation for Melinda for having me at her place during this vacation.

Thursday, 7/21

5:45 am - Harry's - Evelyn, Fran and Dee Dee

Noon- Legend - Kathy

2:00 - Cousin Wayne Wai, gave him family photos 

flight: 9:25 pm (thank you Dennis and Mike for taking me to the airport at 6pm)

This was a long post, but I really wanted to remember this awesome vacation.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Variety of Catch Ups, 12/3/22


This Oaxacan Restaurant is in Koreatown. I heard about this place from a lady with her baby at one of the parks I go to. It got a James Beard Foundation Award. The food was good and the murals outside which is in orange and the mural inside were cool. (October 11, 2022)

I chose to have this Mexican hot chocolate with water and not milk. I was worried it would be too rich with milk. It comes with this anise bun that has a candy (not sweet and perfect with the hot chocolate. I went with my friend Naomi.

An absolutely fun place to go to. Naomi and I ate upstairs "outside" then went downstairs to the "trolley car" (October 27, 2022)

"Among the interior design restorations is the full reveal of the iconic and original red trolley car, dating back to 1904 and is confirmed to be the oldest surviving  red train car in existence." 

"The Formosa first opened its doors IN LOS ANGELES in 1939: making its new debut in its 80th year. Located across from the then-Samuel Goldwyn studio, stars like Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, and Elvis Presley would pop into the legendary Formosa Cafe regularly for dining and drinks."


I stopped at this doughnut and coffee shop. Everything was so rich looking. I asked the lady about this one and was happy to hear that this one one has an Egg Benedict inside. How can? The description of the doughnut is that it is like a malasada. (November 29, 2022)

I found a hairdresser in Burbank and I will continue to make that trek - his price is very reasonable and I like what he did. (November 15, 2022)

Thanksgiving was so much fun at Alexandra's. She officiated Jon and Casey's wedding 5/1/15. 

Now for Ole. 

He is in a Panda outfit for Halloween. His parents were his Zoo keepers.

At his 15 month doctor's visit (November 22, 2022)

Yup he is walking (November 6, 2022)

This generation allows the baby to feed themselves (November 27, 2022

On Ole's wish list was a teddy bear. I could not wait to give him this Christmas present. He will get more presents on that day. (December 1, 2022)