Sunday, April 20, 2014

LA 4/12, Lunar Eclipse 4/14, Kahuku 4/18, PCC 4/19/14

LA: Lemonade Alley 4/12/14…(click on the link for more info)

This event was a win/win situation. Kids grades K-12 had an opportunity to have hands on experience in entrepreneurship. This event was also a profit to share event, the money raised via the different lemonade stands went to an organization that the individual stands chose to donate to. Prior to the event there were 3 Saturday training sessions, such as public speaking/sale pitches, how to make various lemonades, how to make unique stands. 

Steve Sue (founder/organizer), let the show begin!!!  Kimee was a very witty emcee. She also assisted with the training sessions.
 There were about 25-30 stands.

Yup, she was drumming up business.
Earlier, they gave the judges a taste test of their lemonade.

And yes, the groups each had to go on stage and give their sales pitch - hint hint, 30 seconds remaining, 15 seconds remaining.
 I could not help myself, I had to capture Minori in action.

Lunar Eclipse, Monday, 4/14/14…

Linda Sue and I have been taking a photography class with Scott Kubo. We both really like his style of teaching and the group has been great - each person coming with his own talent. 

This night that we looked forward to was met with lots and lots of clouds, but I managed to get some pictures. Luckily I had my class come to my place (which has a roof and a party room that the residents can use) cuz we were able to ask Scott for help. Since the moon can get very bright, like the sun, the shutter has to be fast; but as the moon darkens, the shutter has to be slower to allow more light to reach the sensor. You know what I mean. But as you can tell I still ended up with a bright moon - still learning.

Kahuku (conservation group), Friday, 4/18/14…

Some of us from Eyes of Hawaii joined a group trying to keep country country. We were at Kahuku where resort hotel Turtle Bay is. They just don't want more hotels to be built in the area.
The rocks in the foreground was a marking that the Hawaiians used for land division. It was called Ahupua`a Here is a link.  The word is ahu (heap of stones) and pua`a (pig) ...A pig or other tribute was laid on the alter as tax for the chief.

It was really low tide.

PCC: Polynesian Cultural Center, Saturday 4/19/14…

Mahalo (thank you), Clarence Nishimoto for inviting me to spend a day here.
He knows that I enjoy photography. I said, watch this - I put my camera on a tripod, attached a neutral density filter on my camera lens, changed my f-stop to 22. Notice the water fall is wispy and the water is somewhat smooth.
2:30 pm. The various Polynesian groups entertained us.

(the guys used their paddles to splash water)
We roamed to their villages. Tonga was the most hilarious. The first guy could not catch on that he just had to beat the last 2 beats to a catchy tune. He thought he had to copy the drummer. The second guy did not follow instructions and the Tongan flew his hands up. This third guy some how hit his drum and it went flying. I was so glad I caught that.
The Tahiti village demonstrated a wedding.
Hula was demonstrated in the Fiji village.
I managed to get this picture (floor of stage) before I had to put away my tripod and camera.
7:30 pm, performance of "Ha: Breath of Life…a story of passion, ignited by fire, song and dance.
Clarence and I were in suspense with the fire twirling portion. It was awesome!!!
I purchased this cloth that can be worn as a lavalava for men or a sarong for women. The money goes to scholarships for hundreds of Polynesian students attending the adjacent university, Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

I chose to drape it over my shoji screen in my room. Yay!