Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cactus Garden at Kapiolani Community College, 10/27/13

What do you get with 3 guys and 2 gals? Fun. Although we went on our own around the garden Mr. Moriso Teraoka created - we had fun laughing when we did meet up.

Just a portion of the Garden.

Mr. Teraoka's invitation is so creative. 
Here is what he does with their poems - it is a "po.e.tree". Many people have written poems that now the poems are grouped by countries, states as well as islands.

Here are 2 versions of this picture- black/white and color. Not sure which one is better.

Here is link to another post I did: Kapiolani Community Garden, Cactus Garden, 11/12/11
I have a picture of Mr. Teraoka with my friends as well as the birds. I heard Mr. Teraoka does not come on Sundays, therefore we did not see him this time.

Milton S., Derek, Roger, Linda and myself look forward to our next outing in November. Where?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Perspective and Boo/Benji's Adventures, 10/26/13

In my previous post/blog, I mentioned that I am taking a photo class with Linda. Scott Kubo's assignment for us was to take pictures from different perspectives. The first batch are mine.

The above picture was actually taken from the back of this tree. The opening can't be more than 18 inches.
These are Linda's.

Our next assignment, I feel is even more challenging. Choose a color and depict it.

Linda is very creative and extremely talented - I got permission to share the adventures of Boo and Benji.

 This was actually Boo and Bobby.
I thought this was cool.
 I was wrong... LOOK at this one, it's even more cool!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Black and Whites, 10/3/13

Every Thursday - starting from Sept. 5 til Dec. 19 excluding Oct. 10 and Nov. 28, I am in a photography class from 6-8pm. Linda and I are taking a class from Scott Kubo at Linekona where the Honolulu Museum of Art (Art Academy) holds their classes.

We are learning to take black and whites as we learn more about lighting and the fact that color can be a distraction. We are also focusing on line, form and texture.

The following 2 were pictures I had taken in color but converted them into black and white using Adobe Lightroom.

This past Thursday, Oct. 3, Scott set up some still life with lighting to create shadows. Admittedly this first picture I underexposed but I like how the metal of the water kettle reflected the light.
 I also had to get close to the objects.
I learned that if you set your lens to a large aperture (the opening) it can blur the background even if the items are close to each other. Aperture 2.8, 1.4, 1. Photography numbers are confusing - the larger the number the smaller the aperture and vice versa.

Our next assignment is Perspective.