Sunday, December 27, 2015

Honolulu City Lights, 12/12/15

Wow, how did this year go by so quickly? This annual event is on the grounds of our City Hall "Honolulu Hale"

To the left of the big tree...

To the right of the big tree

Inside of Honolulu Hale. With the Fuji X-T10, I chose only reds. 

I was thrilled when I saw her happiness.

Just a portion of a wreath.

I hope December 2016 does not come as quickly as this year did.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

World of WearableArt, 11/29/15

All I can say is  wow!
Here is the link to WOW World of WearableArt. We are fortunate that Wellington, New Zealand is sharing their very creative/extraordinary pieces: their site shares that the human body is the canvas and that fashion/art/theater collide.

It was intriguing to see the 3 videos of the actual fashion show which does incorporate theater. I just grabbed one shot. (Actually 2 videos/screens are the same)

This is "Hands Off", 1998 done by Mark Crocker, received 2nd place for Bizarre Bra Section (science fiction and art nouveau inspired this bra)

There are more to see. I hope you get to see this in person. 
The showing is from Oct. 3, 2015-  Feb. 1, 2016

Monday, November 16, 2015

Blue Angels, 1017 and Lanai Lookout/Kokohead Botanical, 11/11/15

Life is good but sometimes there is not enough time for everything. This is a collections of photos I did with Derek and Milton S.

Blue Angels, 10/17/15...
This is definitely a challenging photo event for many reasons. One being that there is a long wait before the Blue Angels perform however going early is helpful with getting a parking space.

Here are some of the shows before the Blue Angels. I am happy to say the pilot is a lady. She started this career later in life. It was a joy to see her fly and do her tricks.

There were other parachuters performing.

This guy was amazing. He did a lot of twirls.

Voila, the Blue Angels.
Did I mention challenging to capture them. Yup - so I am sharing these 2 to show, yes I was there.

Number 5 trains to fly upside down.
I forgot to mention, Steve also was with us.

Lanai Lookout, 11/11/15...
So happy that on Veteran's Day, the weather was perfect.

Looking the other directions, a very green Kokohead.

Although this bird is not in focus, I was happy to have it fly across. I tweaked this photo by putting a gradient in the sky since it was too bright.

Kokohead Botanical, 11/11/15...

Most of the plumeria trees were bare so I was happy with the above plumerias.

We certainly had fun. Look forward to another outing, Derek and Milton.