Friday, August 31, 2012

Sushi Bistro, 8/23/12

My photo friends treated me to a birthday dinner which was so much fun as well as so deeeeelicious! The sushi chef tried not to laugh at us as we took pictures of his creations. Uggh, I should have gotten a picture of him. Here is a link to Shun Wah's blog - she used her Panasonic Lumix and got lots of pictures. Thank you very much Erick, Shun Wah and Sookie. 

(My birthday is actually 8/22, it is so neat because I have a cousin-in-law who has a similar name as mine and we have the same birthday - although not the same year)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heather Toshiko workshop, 8/12/12

Thank you Lance with Eyes of Hawaii for this fabulous workshop with Heather Toshiko. Here is link to her website

There were 2 models. We learned to use natural light to captures these images.

Besides being clear with your model what you want, it is also very helpful to show them your pictures - feedback.

She is viewing her picture.

Heather you were so energetic and willing to share how to do a model shoot. I really appreciated not having to use any lighting equipment nor camera flash.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fire Dancers at Kakaako Park, 8/9/12

Wow, what a fun evening it was as members of Hawaii Photographic Society enjoyed an evening of watching fire dancers. This is possible on Thursday evenings.

At first I was disappointed that my tripod was not working. So Shun Wah suggested we get creative and I left happy that my tripod did not work. Thanks again, Shun Wah. As you can see, I actually moved my camera.

 What is that? A led hula hoop.
 What is the other thing on the right? It was led lights dangling from a rope and swung in the air.
Lots of experimenting with shutter speed and ISO.