Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hawaii Eisa Drum Festival, 5/12/12

I am very happy with the Eyes of Hawaii photo club. I am also happy they posted this event under photo opportunities.  It was almost like a club outing as many of us went to enjoy this festival.  

"Eisa is a form of dance and drumming unique to Okinawa…the festival will have the largest gathering of Eisa drummers…there will be a gathering of the Shisa (Okinawan Lion Dogs) with the debut of a brand new Shisha."

Daiichi Hirata, an acclaimed artist, choreographer and director, came from Okinawa.  We were so fortunate to see his performance.  

At the close - all the participants were on stage.  The Eisa clubs took turns playing.  This Hawaiian Chanter and Daiichi had opened the ceremony - it was touching seeing the 2 cultures coming together.