Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plumerias, Palms, and Cactus, 8/21/11

This is my kind of day which is having fun taking pictures.  I started the day with these photos with my friends Milton S. and Derek. 

In the evening I took pictures with other photo friends at the Natsu Matsuri and Bon Dance which is the second blog I did tonight. http://cdshares.blogspot.com/2011/08/natsu-matsuri-bon-dance-82111.html

This palm caught my eye because of its weave.
This one shows the newer palms sprout above the older ones including the flower berry buds.
While at this Koko Head Crater Botanical Garden, we could hear voices.  With my zoom lens, I captured these hikers.

This flower in the cactus was a challenge.  Derek was laughing as I was struggling with my tripod.  My macro lens is 50mm which means I have to get closer to my subject.  I gave up trying to get the flower in the above cactus and tried another cactus.  I also kept getting poked - ouch!

Natsu Matsuri & Bon Dance, 8/21/11

This is such a fun event for all. Natsu Matsuri means summer festival and Obon means a Buddhist tradition to honor the deceased/departed usually with a dance.
She was a very enthusiastic and energetic emcee.
These Taiko (large drums) drummers provided the music to dance to.

Usually these veteran dancers dance in the inner area around the drummers and all is invited to join.  After all this is a celebration.

In the Pacific Beach Hotel, the children had fun playing games and deciding which masks to get.
Outside were couple of games with water tubs. The challenge is trying to scoop as many little toys with a mesh that splits open.
 Food…lots of Japan Japanese food.

 This is what I had for dinner.  Yummy!

For more entertainment, audience participation was included.  Here is our friend, Jennifer.  Too bad she was not smiling, she looks like she was very focused.
Bruce Shimabukuro, another very talented Shimabukuro.  I think we are all familiar with his older brother, Jake.
 Vernon Sakata and Bruce performed together.

I am really happy with my lantern pictures, usually they are blown out meaning too bright without detail.
 Ahhh, the end of a fun night.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Our Hawaii Photographic Society (HPS) club enjoyed taking pictures of this festival sponsored by the City and Count of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation at the Queen Kapiolani Park Band Stand. For more information, here is a link.  

The first group: Halau Hula `O Nawahine

This is Makaleka, isn't she graceful?
Puanani Alama
Leilani Alama, (Kaiulani Kauahi?), and Puanani Alama - both ladies were once students in this long running festival and now should be very proud how well their students perform.

Besides our club, I saw lots of photographers in the audience.  It is so nice to see hula enjoyed by all.