Monday, December 26, 2016

Very Challenging the Aquarium, 12/26/16

I need to go again and get better at photographing in the Aquarium. I know Milton S. and Derek did much better than me. I am definitely jellos.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Zoo, 12/23/16

When we entered the zoo, we were informed orangutans Rusty and Violet are opening their presents. However, Milton S. spotted these darling ducklings back lit and I needed to also seize the moment.

I posted on Facebook: Looks like Rusty and Violet are "over" their gifts - they were "nice" this year. Hope you can see them (orangutans) in their hammock - the enclosure glass is thick and cloudy.

I am happy that the 4 gibbons have a more fun place - this is the littlest one.


Notice his shirt, he is the Zoo photographer, Rod Kuba. Dean and I got to speak with him.

I am not sure who did this impressive mosaic.

Where shall we go for lunch? Unanimous - Kim Chee 2 in Kaimuki - Milton S., Derek, and Dean - Dewey couldn't join us.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Morning Light, KCC, 12/17/16

It was worth coming to Kapiolani Community College's Cactus Garden at 7:30. The morning light was amazing!!!

1/2 hour later, I was ready to move on...

@9:15, we were ready to enjoy the huge Farmer's market - good foodies, drinks and local products. It was fun Milton S. Derek, Walter, Robert, Dewey and Steven!!! We were so fortunate that the rain was only slight compared to the weather forecast last night.

This is my $10.00 grab bag gift for tonight.