Sunday, March 15, 2020

Waimea Falls Valley Park, 3/15/20

It is the third Sunday, for us seniors it means $4.00 entry fee. Seniors are $8.00 however family Sunday means 1/2 off.

Despite the rain we encountered getting there, we still wanted to enjoy the park. As you can see in this first photo it was raining. I do regret trying to get this photo because my camera could not handle the rain and basically shut off. I did however have another camera with my macro lens and later used the 100-400 lens which I had removed from the first camera. The camera is now sitting in rice in a closed container to remove the moisture.

The rain made the stream look like the rapids.

Yay, the rain stopped.

Some photos using the 100-400 lens. I am very happy with the reach. Instead of getting a Canon lens, I got a Sigma lens.

Along the way back, we encountered rain and definitely wet roads. I should have videoed when we were going over rocks on the road and the gushing water from the mountain. Thankfully, Derek drove. I think the guys would have freaked out being passengers if I was the driver.

All in all, Derek, Milton S., Steve and I enjoyed our photo outing.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

At the zoo, 3/8/20

Our day began at Safeway Kapahulu. Milton S. has had breakfast sandwiches there. Derek suggested we do the same, the 3 of us enjoyed it and realized we saved about 2/3's the cost of Denny's breakfast. We, Chinese were very happy.

Thanks Derek for letting me use your Sigma 100-400 lens with your Nikon camera - here are my photos. I did try his 100-600 but it was too heavy!!!

Who ruffled my feathers?

The 100 - 400 was helpful in getting the peacock in its glory.

The following are mine with the  70-200 lens with my Canon.

Be ready for five photos of the tiger. It was nice to see him walking around. Usually, he is stuck in one enclosure and tends to pace back and forth. This time he had both enclosures and he went back and forth between the two. Lol, we were getting tired of following him.

These darling ducklings and ducks were tugging at my heart strings.

It was definitely a fun day at the zoo. Thanks Derek and Milton.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Ducks in Flight at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, 3/1/20

Derek and I "Cilly" were very fortunate that the weather was perfect, a little overcast at the beginning, later it became sunnier but not hot.

I took this photo because this flower does create a lot of mess as you can see on this roof top.

There were lots of ducks. It was such a challenge to catch them flying. Practice is what I need.

I am glad I went today especially since I missed the north shore one. It was fun today.