Sunday, July 25, 2021

Lanikai Sunrise, 7/25/21

Early morning tagalongs (Derek, Wes, Milton S, yours truly), met at 5:45 am. Yours truly realized that she did not bring the correct camera plus this one had hardly any battery left. Luckily,  I had my iPhone 12.

Now my knee is wet.

I wish, I got more photos of this dog jumping in the water.

There were more people, at least 3 groups with their photographers.

The sand is super soft. 

Not happy with how I look, oh well.

I redid my nails yesterday and wanted my friend whose sister owns Cosmic Beauty to see them.

We later had breakfast at Times Restaurant in Kailua along Hamakua Drive. Disappointing: was not much action, no birds in flight except for one duck who flew twice unexpectedly. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Foster Garden, 7/20/21

Today's tagalongs - besides me, Derek, Wes and Milton S.

I am trying black and white. It is difficult. Although my review on my camera shows black and white photos, I am seeing things in color. Some cameras, I heard you can see in black and white.  

I wish my photos were more black and white. I am still trying. Thanks Wes for doing black and whites.

I noticed Bob has been using a monopod. Today, I used one and now I like using it. I am lame when it comes to using a tripod. Derek and Milton will attest to that - remember me at Koko Head Botanical back in the day.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Koko Head Crater Botanical Garden, 7/11/21

Thanks Walter, for wanting shutter therapy and Derek for suggesting Koko Head Botanical Garden - it was fun today. Natalie and I met, Walter, Bob, and Curtis; Dewey came later, however, he did not venture out to where we were.

I shot in RAW, and decided which photos I would make into black and white. I wanted to challenge myself, Wes. I did vary the black and whites, not pure black and white.

Yay, I got two water drops. I actually did not see the upper right one. 

Thanks Walter, for reminding me that if I change my aperture I can get more things in focus. I did have to increase my ISO.

Curtis noticed the hikers up there.

This African tree is huge. Many of its branches now rest on the ground.

Yay, the 10 petal plumerias were in full bloom.

Luckily, we left around 10:30 because the tourist were now coming. So cute they had Aloha shirts. I think 3 guys are triplets, they had matching Aloha shirts.

It certainly was fun!!! Enjoyed every moment!!!