Monday, May 25, 2015

Portrait photos with EOH, 5/23/15; Windward side of the Island with D,M and D, 5/24/15

I really enjoy being part of Eyes of Hawaii (EOH) photography club. We meet on the 4th Monday, and enjoy a potluck followed by theme presentation, spotlight member, guest speaker, new info on camera/techie stuff (agenda varies).

I have not been able to attend the various botanical garden workshop. This was a Portrait workshop using Liliuokalani Gardens for the background. Low budget, we had no models. I have fun waiting incognito to photograph expressions with good light.

Windward side of the Island, 5/24/15
D, M and D....I have been fortunate to photograph with different groups. These are the initials of the guys, sometimes S comes. 

Between Kailua Beach and Lanikai...

I am waiting to come back when the sun rises closer to these tiny islands better known as the Mokus

"Rabbit Island"...
I think it was named for its' shape.

Lanai Lookout...

As you can see, it is weather beaten but for me, it is cool to see its' effects.

Koko Head Botanical Garden...
I chose this one plumeria because it was close to my height and I was able to use a tripod. The wind was definitely an obstacle.

D's place...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jon and Casey, 5/1/15 (5/25/15 edited: invite and their entrance were added)

I had a wonderful trip to San Francisco to attend Jon's wedding. The couple had 4 events planned.

*First, a home cooked delicious Indian dinner for rehearsal night, Thursday, 4/30/15

*Second, a lovely magical wedding at the National AIDS Memorial Grove in the Golden Gate Park, Friday, 5/1/15

I was privy to this invite as I saw first hand Casey drawing the poppies and Jon drawing the dragons. I am guessing the circular designs were done by Jon.  I love seeing their creativity.

Signs were put at the entrances to this Fern Grotto.  These are 3 of the 6.

It was a very special wedding as 22 of us were invited to attend.

Alexandra's, officiate, expression was priceless. I believe after the exchanging of rings, Casey's happiness was contagious.

Sorry no parent photos.

This fun photo still has me laughing.

*Third, a special dinner at The cookhouse, Friday, 5/1/15
Great smile, Dennis- Jon's dad.

The cookhouse is a venue you can rent, have a party of no more than 24 with your own cooks, decorate as you please. They advertise as a place to have a dinner without cleaning your place for your guests. 

Voila!!! Mrs. Casey Newlin and Mr. Jon Ching

An elegant dinner prepared by Chef Dave Vogler

*Fourth, a Partyyyy, Saturday, 5/2/15

Guests at the party were able to view the wedding photos. Mick Leonaradi - you are an awesome photographer!!!

Casey and her dad, "In My Life"

Blogger allows 100MB so you will see their dance in 2 parts.

Casey and Jon, "Uptown Funk"

A total surprise, they planned their wedding the way they envisioned it. They were happy that both moms did not interfere. As you saw in an above photo, a person is setting up the dim sum (Chinese small bite-sized food) station.

Crowd surfing, I got these from FB.

Mick, you are an awesome photographer, thanks also for allowing me to photograph you!!!

Disclosure: it was difficult to choose which photos to include. There were so many happy memories.

Sorry, just 2 more. The day after the wedding and after our lunch, I wanted a close up of the black Sapphire rings they designed for each other.