Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ohio, 6/19 - 27/2012

Richard and I are now in Ohio, his hometown and where his sister lives. I love these homes, you will see either an enclosed porch or open porch - Marion, Ohio.

 Nancy pointed out this mosaic.
 Yup, a firehouse.
 A typical drive, passing by fields of corn and other grains.

President Warren G. Harding, 29th President from 1921-1923. He died while in office.

 There were many cute shops in Powell near Columbus, Ohio
 My fav ice cream was at Jeni's.

Here are some other places we ate at.

Perfect summer day and lots of ice cream flavors to choose from, Ashland, Ohio.  When I get back home, I will be spending a lot of time at the gym.
Today, I also blogged about: Columbus Zoo/Aquarium 6/22 and The Wilds 6/26

Columbus Zoo/Aquarium 6/22 and The Wilds 6/26

Columbus Zoo in Ohio was the number 1 zoo in 2009. This year Columbus Zoo is number 8 and Philadelphia Zoo in Pennsylvania is 2012's number 1.

Why not spend a day at the zoo? The Columbus Zoo also has an Aquarium and Waterpark.

I had my 5D MarkIII on auto ISO - camera chose ISO 5000.

Ahhh, found out Koalas sleep for 22 hours, I would have loved to see this one moving about.

It was hot so lots of the animals were sluggish.

Since I know you all know what they look like - I did not include a  picture of my favorite animal: orangutan. I thought I made a picture of their playground - it was enormous - places for them to climb.

This zoo also included foxes and other animals we did not get to see.  I was so impressed with the spaciousness and natural habits the animals get to roam


Speaking of roaming, we went to visit The Wilds - which is affiliated with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The Wilds is in Cumberland, Ohio
This was a sample of the lands the animals get to roam...

Persian Onager

We got off our open bus for about 15 minutes and I thought this this thistle was cool.

Przewalski's Wild Horse

African Wild Dog
Since the animals are fed raw meet, buzzards swoop over the area.
Grevy's Zebra


Sable Antelope

Some of shots were this far away.