Sunday, November 27, 2016

Foster Garden, 11/27/16

A fun day at Foster Garden. I used my Canon T5i with a 100 mm macro lens. Thanks Derek for arranging this. I think Milton S., Walter, Curtis and Dewey and myself want to come back.

Thanks Milton S. for giving me tips on doing macros. If these are blurry, can I blame the wind?

Butterflies are such a challenge...

We worked up an appetite and were satisfied at Nice Day - Chinese dim sum.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Wet, Wet Lyon's Arboretum, 11/19/16

Derek, Milton, Walter and yours truly went to the bi-annual plant sale. Despite the downpours, it was fun taking their shuttle and dodging rain. 

The first group of pictures were taken with my iPhone knowing that Facebook would use them to make a video. I think as long as you have 10 photos they will compile it with music.

The following were taken with my Fuji XT-10. Since we had to take a shuttle, I traveled very light. I was now ready to brave the weather and to use my camera.

We concluded with Korean food at O-Bok in Manoa Marketplace. Next stop,  home to get into dry clothes. Was it worth it? Yes!!!!

Brought home this spotted Begonia Angel Wing.