Thursday, June 23, 2022

Grandson, 4/16 -6/18/22


 Everything is in chronological order and I introduce the photo/video.

4/16 - I like this photo to show how tall he is. Good reference for later.

4/26 - looks like he is quietly escaping. 

enjoying the baby swing with my hat

5/4 - I like how he is checking out the guitar

5/10 - outside our place, Casey took this from their balcony

1/19 and 5/11

5/14 - I am glad his father plays for him and also lets him play

5/20 - using this table for perspective. He is so sweet, I called out his name, he turns, looks at me with a smile.

5/29 - I see him everyday and forget how young he is

6/9 - climbing

6/12 - Ole had enough of mommy kissing him

6/13 - I had to catch him when he wasn't looking

6/14 - I like how he figured out how to quickly remove all the rings 

6/15 - his 10 month check up

6/17 - Sophie, the teether

6/17 - strumming

6/18 - no cares

Oh my goodness, he made 10 months on June 19. I am very fortunate to see him develop. He does enjoy being read to.