Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pow Wow 2014, 5/26/14 (2 more art added, 6/11/14)

I enjoyed walking with Shun Wah and Erick capturing Pow Wow 2014. 

This was a must as I had seen it in 3 stages of completion on instagram. Wow, I really like it in person.

I have to admit that this photo needed its vertical and horizontal lines fixed. Yippee, thanks Shun Wah for the link.

 Believe it or not this was tucked away, basically you can not find it driving by.

 My friends thought the rat was larger than me. LOL.
We could not find this art, the building got torn down. Erma and I saw it in March of this year. I am glad I took this picture on Feb. 17, 2013.

Each year most of the Pow Wow of the previous year is painted over.  I feel bad for the artists.

Modified 6/11/14
I came across the other day - words of Albert Einstein. What I also like is that this is totally crocheted.
A friend of mine wanted to know the size of this piece which explains why I included its location. I am still in awe.
Since I added the above, I am also including this one: Mau Piailug, affectionally known as Papa Mau by Nainoa Thompson. He learned from Papa Mau: non-instrument wayfinding methods of deep-sea voyaging. The Hokule`a voyage to Tahiti in 1976 was successful. On June 6, 2014, the Hokule'a and Hikianalia set off for a 47,000 nautical mile world wide trip . 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Erma's, 5/8/14

In 2011, Erma and I met at Glacier National Park. This past March, Erma visited me. During my visit, Erma was house sitting - we were in Santa Fe for 3 days, here in Jemez Publeo for 1 day, and another house in Santa Fe for 2 days.

I was in for a treat when I realized we had to go over this river to get to her place. Her home is between two rivers.

 In fact her home was featured in this magazine. You will see why with my photos.

 Erma had to put up this barrier to keep cattle out.

Looking out from her front door.
I really like Erma's Navajo runner. and her rustic table. The following blog is a combination of two days. You can scroll down or click on this link Sight Seeing in Jemez, 5/8 &9/14.

Sight Seeing: Jemez Pueblo, Jemez Springs and More, 5/ 8&9 /14

After I enjoyed taking pictures of Erma's place, we went sight seeing.  Just like Erma wanted to see Oahu from a resident's perspective, I too wanted to see New Mexico the same way. I was fortunate that Erma lives in an older part of New Mexico.

Along the way to Gilman Tunnels...

The above tunnel(s) and its surroundings.
I really enjoyed capturing water with a slow shutter speed creating wispy waters.
modified 6/10/14

modified 6/10/14 

modified 6/10/14
 Dinner at a Saloon- cool, huh?

Friday, May 9…

At Walatowa Visitor Center-

My souvenirs - the larger one is about story tellers with a turtle in the center. Rather than create a written language the Navajo Indians of Jemez continued their legacy through story telling. Notice the men and women - the two women have turquoise earrings. The turtle is revered for its long life.
I did not meet the artist of the story teller - I got it from a consignment store. Joseph had many lovely pieces to choose from - I chose his little bowl - easier to take home. Notice his etched pieces - they are not painted - what talent!!! The pieces with the handles are for weddings - the vase has two spouts which symbolizes individuality and unity.
We stopped outside this area.
The water emerging was very warm and the minerals emerging colored the area.
You may want to look up Jemez State Monument - to understand its significance.

A view of a mountain through this opening - very interesting surface.
This was an oven, that was used back in the day for their bread as is still used today. The size of the oven is based on the number of loaves to be baked at once, such as 25, 50, 75. While visiting her friend, I got to have some oven baked bread. Yum!
Soda Dam-
the sign: This spectacular formation has built up over the centuries by deposits of calcium carbonate from a spring that bubbles to the surface at this point.  The river flows under a dome that is still building. The dam is 300 feet long, 50 feet high, and 50 feet wide at the bottom.

Battleship Rock-
I was awed by the variety of mountains. As in the one through the opening at Jemez State Monument.  I can assure you the landscape here is vastly different from the Hawaiian Islands.
Erma pointed out- art that someone created by using nails.
Elk viewing area-
My luck, guess what just crossed our path.

Please scroll down my trip also included Albuquerque, Santa Fe, 5/5 -11/14