Sunday, August 29, 2010

Second time at Pacific Beach Hotel's Natsu Matsuri and Bon Dance

Saturday, August 28, 2010, was the last night of Japanese Festivities "Natsu Matsuri" and Bon Dances at the Pacific Beach Hotel. For 7 Fridays and Saturdays, tourists and locals enjoyed the festivities. The first time I came was on August 14. Here is a link to that post.

It was exciting to see all the Japanese food vendors.

The gelatin was being pushed out of tiny holes.

These are Ramune Soda. Shun Wah got one of these and was intrigued with the engineering of the ball under the cover. Hard to explain but if you get one of these I think you will be also intrigued.

I am glad I got this shot of this Bon dancer, at the end of the night she was acknowledged as a teacher "Sensei". I was trying to capture the Taiko performer behind the dancer in her kimono.
This lady was one of the emcees. She really danced with enthusiasm.

Talking about enthusiasm.

These guys epitomized the ambiance.
What a good sport! Thanks.
Shun Wah and I ran into Cora H. and her friend Yoko. I also got to see Kevin and Cindy (1st time with her Canon - have fun Cindy).

Tonight, I also posted "Driving Around, 8/28/10" - I had a fun day shooting on 8/28/10.

Driving Around, 8/28/10

Derek was happy to drive Milton S. and myself around in his very cool new car.

Although, taking pictures at Kapiolani Community College was our last stop, I can't wait to show you how difficult it was to find these cute Madagascar. Milton had patience to spot them.

The soft orange are bromeliads. I was experimenting with different focal lengths.

At Makapuu Look Out, I snuck a shot of Derek and Milton.

At Lanai Lookout.
Over Sandy Beach.

Thanks again, Derek.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Planes, planes and more planes, 8/22/10

Looks like a real plane yet it is a remote controlled plane. I was amazed that there is even exhaust.
This past weekend, Pacific Aviation Museum sponsored a free family event. Included were real planes, over 100 model remote controlled planes and in the hangers: replicas of war planes.

Donation boxes were placed around to raise funds to repair this tower.

Seen in one of the hangers.

Took a close up of what is on the above propellers.
Natural Vibration played on Sunday.
Seen at the Pacific Aviation Museum. You have to see more for yourself. There is an admission charge.

After leaving the museum, Shun Wah and I saw this Smart car and took some pictures by it. We were pleasantly surprised that this car's owner is Kenneth DeHoff who is the Executive Director for the Museum and who put this event on. He and Tanya were so gracious. They invited us to sit in their car and Tanya used our cameras to take pictures of us. That was fun!
At 12:30 pm as well as at the conclusion of this wonderful event, this remote helicopter released candy for the children.
Erick, Shun Wah and myself certainly had a fun day at Ford Island.