Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Natsu Matsuri and Bon Dance at the Pacific Beach Hotel, 8/14/10

A bunch of us who enjoy shooting totally enjoyed the Japanese Festival "Natsu Matsuri" at the Pacific Beach Hotel as well as the Bon Dance. So first things first, Shun Wah and I got our scripts.
In the hotel, the children were thrilled to choose from so many masks and other toys across the way.
Outside were food booths, typical of those in Japan.

I could not resist this ice cream within a pancake.
Japanese games for the children.

The first time I went to a Bon Dance, I felt uncomfortable shooting it. I am now okay as I understand that this is a way to celebrate and remember those who have passed before us.

I got brave and asked if I could get a shot of Dazz Toguchi who is Hiromi's favorite Bon dancer. He has become a Semi Classical Japanese Dance Master.
Notice his precision. Notice the reflection of the lanterns on the drum "taiko".

We were entertained by these enthusiastic Taiko performers. The drums are called taiko and the sticks are called bachi.
You have to be there to see them give it all they got.

What are they looking at and what are the ones to the right laughing about?

I got these girls having a grand time. They were so good with the children.
Isn't she kawaii?
This was a challenge as I had to hand hold my camera to get the moon and not get a blurry shot.


pcsty said...

I like the octopus shot, his expression is very cute. The water in the bowl has a gelatinous quality to it, very nice effect. I also like the perspective of the image you have of the backs of the 2 boys heads. Nice capture on the little girl with the sleeves of her kimono flowing.

SW said...

cool how you got the girl at the food booth to pose. Nice collection of shots from the entire event.. great dazz shots too. So did you end up using a flash? btw.. you got a great collection of dancing shoe shots now.

Erick said...

Nice food shots, I really like the pink tako too, so cute. Great shot of Hiromi an Dazz.

Rocky said...

Hi Celia, You really captured the essence of the Bon Dance - the vivid colors, the excitement and fun. I wish I was there.