Sunday, August 29, 2010

Driving Around, 8/28/10

Derek was happy to drive Milton S. and myself around in his very cool new car.

Although, taking pictures at Kapiolani Community College was our last stop, I can't wait to show you how difficult it was to find these cute Madagascar. Milton had patience to spot them.

The soft orange are bromeliads. I was experimenting with different focal lengths.

At Makapuu Look Out, I snuck a shot of Derek and Milton.

At Lanai Lookout.
Over Sandy Beach.

Thanks again, Derek.


jalna said...

Oh the gecko is sooo cute! How did you ever seen um? Great shooting!

celia said...

"Patience and stillness, grasshopper" If it wasn't for Milton, I wouldn't have seen them. Derek got a cute one peering from the side of a leaf.

SW said...

The peeking gecko is really cute..and I don't like lizards! Great compositions on all your shots. cool experiments with your shots too.