Sunday, April 15, 2018

Zoo, 4/15/18

Thankfully we did not have rain - the last 2 days the rains were heavy. Therefore we: Derek, Dewey, Bob, Milton S., and Walter had a fun today. Lots of joking, also got some good tips of how to use the lens stabilizer - so helpful!!!

Now the birds with thick wire cages...

I feel really bad for Violet and Rusti - they have been separated - last time I came was in October 2017 and already they were separated. You can see Rusti on the other side.

 Eventually Rusti moved away from the shared fence. He is lucky - he gets the bigger area.

Thank you Derek for blocking the glare from the glass.

The aviary...

This cute porcupine sums it all-
so many animals were too tired to come out or were laying around.

Our mode of operation is to enjoy lunch afterwards at Kim Chee II in Kaimuki.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Nagaoka Fireworks, 3/11/18

The Honolulu Festival finale was the Nagaoka Fireworks off Waikiki Beach. I photographed everything using my iPhone 8. I was with an older lady so I did not want to bring my Canon camera and tripod. We sat on the wall at the end of Kapahulu Ave. 

I took a chance and took these snap shots.

I realized after seeing other photos on Facebook that I was perpendicular to the fireworks. It was 3 barges which created beautiful flowers and other objects. 

However, I am actually happy I got these holding my iPhone very steadily.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Chinatown, 3/11/18

Anyone know what time it is? I just realized it is off by an hour. It should be 9:15 and not 8:15. Our meeting time was @9 at Maunakea Market Place.

Browsing through the market.

My last name Doo apparently also means Society. There is a place called See Dai Doo which people think I am related to - but it means 4 large society - fraternal organization. Also the character for my last name is not there - it is a combination of tree and mud.

My favorite place.

I asked the price of this little chair. What $25.99! I really wanted it - but at that cost - no way!

Got to look around - saw these Chinese words - I wish I knew what it means - I took Chinese school in third and fourth grade - and I am sure I could read it. But what you don't use you loose.

Now look down.

Hey is that Walter? I bet he has Lee's custard pie in the white bag, good hubby and dad.

A little sketchy on Hotel Street

Vintage, huh?

Hurry up Curtis!!! It is lunch time.

A nice ending for our photo excursion. This is at Mei Sum.

We (Dewey, Curtis, Robert, Walter, Milton and me) missed you Derek.