Sunday, December 8, 2019

Hamakua Marsh, 12/7/19

After having a relaxing breakfast at "Supermarkets Times" restaurant with Walter and Bob, I was ready for the challenge "birds in flight". 

"I'll wait"


Since herons patiently wait for their prey, I was happy this one finally took a break and scratched.

Get what you can get, lol.

Did I mention challenge? Yup it was a challenge, I am happy to share these, lot of others did not make the cut. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Waimea Valley Park, 6/17/18 Canon T6i

I finally found a software for this camera. I used PhotoscapeX, however when I did a "save as" I was unable to save it as a smaller file - hense some are 6k.  I did delete the Affinity program because it grabbed my photos and caused the program to not work - ugh.

It was fun to see photos I took awhile back. As you can see I used my macro lens.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Zoo, 11/10/19

We heard there are 3 sister Cheetas on loan - this first photo was difficult to capture due to the thick dirty glass.

I saw Derek being artsy fartsy with the wooden fence. Let me try...

We or was it I was happy to see the warthogs.

We found a better vantage - they were not behind thick dirty glass.

We were disappointed - the birds were not flying - this is a skill Derek, Bob and myself are challenged with and we were hoping to get some practice.

Another challenge is learning another photo editing program, I am now using Affinity. I did not want to continue my subscription with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Hamakua Marsh Wildlife -Kailua and Hoomaluhia -Kaneohe, 10/27/19

Trying to catch birds in flight is truly difficult. Hense, I have only 2 after my duck photos.

This bird was across the way, my 70-200 was not able to get the reach. This is a very cropped photo.

This duck was cleaning itself, I waited patiently as I was hoping to photograph it flying away. Well that did not happen. It fell asleep. Yup, Derek  and Bob laughed.

By this time the guys also wanted to go, however, I got one more photo before leaving for Denny's

Hoomaluhia with Derek's filter a clear CD.

Many attempts for this damselfly.

Thanks again Derek for letting me borrow this cool filter.
It was nice to have mostly 3 of us. Our 4th person enjoyed the top part of Hoomaluhia.