Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Planes, planes and more planes, 8/22/10

Looks like a real plane yet it is a remote controlled plane. I was amazed that there is even exhaust.
This past weekend, Pacific Aviation Museum sponsored a free family event. Included were real planes, over 100 model remote controlled planes and in the hangers: replicas of war planes.

Donation boxes were placed around to raise funds to repair this tower.

Seen in one of the hangers.

Took a close up of what is on the above propellers.
Natural Vibration played on Sunday.
Seen at the Pacific Aviation Museum. You have to see more for yourself. There is an admission charge.

After leaving the museum, Shun Wah and I saw this Smart car and took some pictures by it. We were pleasantly surprised that this car's owner is Kenneth DeHoff who is the Executive Director for the Museum and who put this event on. He and Tanya were so gracious. They invited us to sit in their car and Tanya used our cameras to take pictures of us. That was fun!
At 12:30 pm as well as at the conclusion of this wonderful event, this remote helicopter released candy for the children.
Erick, Shun Wah and myself certainly had a fun day at Ford Island.


SW said...

you had great coverage of the day's event.. Really like the different angles in your shots! It was great fun!! nice pics in the car...ha! ha!

Erick said...

Nice planes shots. I like your different angle on the planes nose. Good shots of the scale model planes too. That was a fun event, got to go again next year!