Monday, February 20, 2017

Cactus Garden, 2/20/17

It was really nice getting together with Shun Wah and Erick. We have not photographed together for at least 3 years. Yikes!!!  This Presidents' Day was fun at Kapiolani Community College's Cactus Garden.

This was intentionally done for an artsy fartsy affect. I did not focus.

Part of a photo outing is our meal afterwards. Unanimously we enjoyed our chats and lunch at Chili's. I think they have improved their menu - much more healthier than before. Thanks Shun Wah and Erick!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lanai Lookout and Koko Head Botanical, 2/12/17

Huh? Derek we meet the gang at Koko Marina Starbuck's at 6 am? Okie Dokie. Got our drinks and off to Lanai Lookout to see the sunrise and see whale(s).

Lanai Lookout...

Pigeons have now found their way here. Not cool.

Koko Head Botanical Garden...

Although the plumerias were scarce it was actually cool to see bare branches. Plumerias bloom in May.

Fritillary butterflies...

One last photo
As usual we got a lot of good laughs. Seven of us sure know how to enjoy our hobby and yet have fun.

I left the gang early to go to the mall, play mah jongg and then dinner with my high school friend Debbie Tenn Harano.  Life is fun!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Aiea Loop Trail, 2/5/17

Here we go Larry, 4.8 miles.

So much beauty!!!

What the H3 freeway! I was stoked! Thanks Larry for detouring.

The most difficult part was trudging back to the car. We had no idea that I had parked where now we had to hike up a steep road. I just kept thinking I am now this much closer to going to Aiea Bowl that has "lemon crunch cake". Thanks again Larry for being patient with me going at my pace.