Sunday, September 25, 2022

New Mexico 9/1-4/22


Thursday, Sept. 1...

Here comes our tram at the Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque.

Dinner at Range Cafe, we were fortunate there was live music. That was fun, Erma.

Friday, Sept. 2...

After exercising with Anita, we enjoyed this Bath House in Therapeutic Mineral Water. Also good for the soul.

Breakfast - showing off my sweet potato burrito.

What a history!

Used my Canon and stitched the photos together in Photoshop to get these panoramas.

Went to Cathedral Canyon also known as Tent Rocks

A view from Erma's friend Judith. Erma is on the left.

Saturday, Sept. 3...

This famous Jemez enchilada was from the Farmer's market. The peach pie was eaten before I could make a photo. Both were yummy which we brought home.

At a Thrift store

Sweet dreams. 

Sunday, Sept 4

4:40 am

(We did try the night before but it was not dark enough, the moon was in the way)

Thank you Erma for assisting me with the flash light and moving around outside to get a good view. 

After 2 years of not being opened, this place opened for business. Definitely good finds. 

Erma said this place is a must before I leave. Absolutely.

Frito pie (the Fritos are at the bottom) and fried mushrooms.

Good bye, heading towards Albuquerque.

Erma, I can't thank you enough for your hospitality and our adventures.