Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lyon's Arboretum, 12/28/13; 5 pictures = a story, 12/5/13

We were so lucky that Lyon's Arboretum did not have any rain.  Derek assisted me in trying out different techniques to capture nature's beauties.  Thanks Derek.  Linda and Milton did not need assistance.  We had fun and look forward to meeting up again.

 I was a bit timid to get this little frog from the front.  Not a problem for Linda.  Nature but beauty?
Here is Linda's picture. Cute, huh?

5 pictures = a story...
Our last assignment for Scott Kubo's photography class was to have 5 pictures - no less, no more to tell a story. Here is mine.

May everyone have a healthy and fun 2014. Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Haleiwa-11/16/13, Wahiawa Botanical-11/23/13

I miss blogging, just been busy. But life is very good.

Our Eyes of Hawaii, photography club met in Haleiwa which is at our North Shore to photograph the sunset and moonrise. I spent more time taking pictures of the sunset and the interesting moss along the shoreline. (Hence, no moon shots.)  Later, we had dinner at Cholos, a Mexican restaurant - known for their margaritas. Did we pass that up? Nope.

 Wahiawa Botanical Garden…

Yay, very few mosquitos - Derek, Milton S., Roger, Curtis, Linda and I were so happy about that.

 One thing about photographers, we will go low, high, sideways to get our shots.

 Digital SLRs are fun, you can make a day shot look like a night one.

Our fun ended with lunch at a Korean Restaurant. 
Side note, I stopped at Kilani Bakery to get their brownies before going to the garden - had to make sure I got some, because they run out quickly. So Yummy.