Thursday, July 28, 2022

Foster Garden, 7/12/22


I came back to Hawaii for my 50th high school reunion and my oldest son's 41st birthday. This girl is definitely putting in years. 

I left on Sept. 16, so I have been gone for 10 months. I really had a good time during my 13 days.

Thank you Derek for convincing to me to bring my camera because my iPhone photos were not good.

I did use my iPhone 13 for this - and edited with Photos. It is hard to get this angle with a camera.

Okay, I was not the only one taking photos of these love birds or should we say love butterflies. They certainly enjoyed each other and I think 20 minutes later they flew away together and continued their mating.

I got permission from the person capturing my usual silly ways. I have been nicknamed "Cilly" for about 8 years. You know who you are.  It definitely was fun at this get together.


For lunch, we went to Nico's Pier 38. Yay comfort food. It was ono (yummy). It was easier to buy food from their market.

It was was a fun trip. Many of my groups thanked me for coming because they had not seen each other in awhile - perhaps 2.5 years.

Monday, July 4, 2022

San Jose and San Francisco, 6/3 - 6/5, 2022


I flew into San Jose to give my sister 4 lovely afghans our Grandmother made. Instead of staying with my sister, I stayed with my college roommate, Mary.

Saturday, June 4

Breakfast was yummy, we knew we would be doing a lot of walking. Thanks Mary for the sourdough waffles and Stephen for the mocha coffee.

There are many tiled staircases in San Francisco. Mary took me to this one at 16th and Morago. It was hard to capture the beauty of these stairs. 

Looking up, although it looks like the opposite.

The top

We made it.

We walked further up then went down another group of stairs and reached this other one. It is amazing all the pieces of tiles and that from a distance you can see the pieces come together to form a picture/painting.

We were fortunate that Guo Pei's "Couture Fantasy" was showing at the Legion of Honors. You should google her to see more of her pieces. 

We later enjoyed being at the Japanese Garden at the Golden Gate Park

After a full day, Mary made dinner. I forgot to take a photo of it, it was Chicken Adobo. This photo was actually last night's dinner. It was also yummy.

Sunday, June 5

At Google, we had fun with these over sized chairs.

These androids were all decked out. They even got bandaids painted on them - they got their COVID-19 vaccines.

Stone River at Stanford

My grandson loves to be read to. I love Sandra Boynton, I am so glad I found these books.

Thank you Mary for a wonderful weekend. It truly was fun. 

I also blogged the other day Flashback: Los Angeles 2019

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Flashback: Los Angeles, June 13-26, 2019


I knew, I would be coming to Los Angeles. I wanted to get to know about it. I stayed with Casey and Jon from June 13-18, Naomi and Larry from June 18-23, and Heather from June 23-26, 2019.

June 13-18- Jon and Casey

Jon is submitting his Hello Kitty painting which is the theme for July.

In the Gallery is "The Dawn of Makahiki". Years, later, reached out to Jon and asked permission to make a 1,000 piece puzzle of this owl. Talking about challenging.

My mom's friend whom I call Aunty is such a sweetie, she treated Jon, Casey and myself to dinner. Casey actually was unable to return from the East coast on time which explains all this delicious Chinese food.

The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens

The Getty Museum is off Interstate 405. At the end of this blog, I include The Getty Villa along Pacific Coast Highway near Pacific Palisades.

Echo Park

Jon made Kimbap from last night's Korean leftovers for our picnic here.

This Hello Kitty Mural is close to Grauman's Chinese Theatre which was opened on May 18, 1927. It is  now known as TCL "The Creative Light" Chinese Theatre, which is China's biggest electronics manufacturers.

Since, Corey Helford's theme will be Hello Kitty, we had fun taking photos here. I also bought the cell phone case at their store.

The Broad, pronounced long o, silent a.

Grand Central Market was fun. I had Mexican. Later we went to Pershing Square and had a wonderful view from the top and cocktails - Jon and I definitely enjoyed that.

I enjoyed all the places Jon took me to. We even went to the Los Angeles Zoo. 

June 18-23 - with Naomi and Larry 

How did I get to Naomi's? We met for dinner. It was an Indian cuisine.

So LA, right? Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Orpheum Theatre opened on February 15, 1926. Isn't it exquisite?

Our night ended at this Mexican restaurant with fresh guacamole made in front of us.

June 23-26 - with Heather

At the Gallery in Korea Town. I have never seen so many brands and bottles of Kim Chi. In Hawaii, we call it Kim Chee.

The Fried Chicken is super crispy and retains its crispiness. 

Heather drove her friend and me to Anaheim to see Guo Pei's Couture Fantasy. This is just a glimpse of her pieces.

The Getty Villa along Pacific Coast Highway below Pacific Palisades. Just a glimpse...

I am so appreciative that I got to see LA from 3 groups of people. It is such a large area.  I wish, I had posted this when I had been here in 2019. Apparently, I forgot to but now I have my memories in my blog.
I was selective of the photos, not to overwhelm anyone.