Sunday, December 26, 2021


This blog is my journal. I know my grandson will continue to change so it is good to keep those changes in one place.

December 9... 

It was getting a bit chillier. Casey's friend, Emily, knitted this adorable wool sweater. They found out from their trip to Hawaii that Ole is much happier if he gets to go out.

December 17...
Thank you Jon for driving to Almansor Park in Alhambra (16 miles away).  It was also fun having Alexandra join us. I am so glad Jon got take out from You Kitchen down the street. This Chinese lunch was delish!!! Ole was licking his bib like he was licking an ice cream cone - (one day he will get to really have ice cream).

December 18...
Today, I looked at the map and thought why not drive to Santa Barbara (95 miles away)? The distance did not deter me. I did choose not to use the freeway. GPS directed me to Oxnard, Ventura, Summerland and then to the shopping district (State Street) of Santa Barbara. By the time I got to Ventura and saw the sign Donuts, I just had to stop. Perfect timing because I was hungry and thirsty - yes I also had iced coffee. The other 2 photos were at Santa Barbara. When I went home, I did use the freeway - took the 101, 405 and 10 to Culver City.

December 22...

Off to Pasadena with my friend Naomi. I was able to take the photo of the building on the left, since Naomi was driving. As we walked along Colorado Street, we saw this French place.  It was fun listening to a customer and the owner speaking in French. The Rosebowl Parade uses Colorado Street. I was thrilled to see the Fall leaves.

December 24...
Jon and Casey have a tradition- Frangelico in hot chocolate - more please. Notice this bottle, it replicates Father Angelico who created this liqueur including the rope around the waist of his robe. 

December 25...
The day started with homemade waffles, topped with homemade whipped cream. Our coffee was embellished with Frangelico, why not, right?

Random photos of Ole...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays. May you have a wonderful 2022.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

My son and family in Oahu, my sister here with me, 11/22 - 12/2/21


Random photos of grandson, before their Hawaii Trip to Oahu.

On Thursday, 11/22, it was daunting how he would handle the airport and the plane flight. He passed the test with flying colors, sorry about the pun. He was not fussy but was very curious and loved people watching. 

They are definitely, enjoying much needed vacation. 

He loves this soft and cute koala. Thank you very much Aunty Sandy.

My sister arrived on the same day, 11/22/21
Tuesday, 11/23, we went Santa Monica Pier as well as had lunch at 3rd Street Promenade. My burger was juicy but definitely yummy. We also went to Venice Canals.

Wednesday, 11/24, Dana gifted me with this 24" Vizio smart tv. I did not ship my tv; I am so glad I did not. This tv is perfect. It sits on my dining table in the kitchen. 

We later went to The Grove. 

We did not have plans for Thanksgiving and decided to drive down to Redondo Beach. We just kept driving on S. Catalina Ave. - luckily some restaurants were open. Yay, we enjoyed a dinner at Hennesey.

Friday, 11/23
Although, I took photos at Warner Brothers Studio, I rather not share them so if you go there, you can see the place for yourself.

Saturday, 11/27
We enjoyed going to Pasadena. Norton Simon Museum - There were many Southern Asian pieces, ancient Mediterranean art. I enjoyed Edgar Degas pieces - he enjoyed ballerinas.

Peter Paul Rubens did this painting of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Quote from the description below - "The founder of the Jesuits...their famous motto: "To the greater glory of God" presented as a Christian hero, full of Baroque sentiment designed to strengthen worshippers in their belief and spur them to emulation."

I went to Loyola Marymount University, therefore seeing this painting meant a lot to me.

Using Google maps to find restaurants, we chose Cafe Santorini. 

Cute, right? This topiary.

Monday, 11/29
Getty Villa

Karl Weber, used the excavations of the Villa dei Papari - to a create floor plan which was used as a basis to construct the Getty Villa.

Again, we used Google maps to find a restaurant in Malibu. 

We had a pound of mussels. After ordering inside, we ate outside at one of their picnic tables.

Tuesday, 11/30
We stayed home at made my place nicer and embellished the walls.

Thank you Dana for coming down from San Jose and staying with me while they were gone. We sure did a lot.