Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rainbow Shower Trees, 50x50x50 challenge, 6/19-6/23/16


Sunday, June 19...

My cousin Marilyn asked if I could take photos of the beautiful Rainbow Shower trees that she enjoys seeing at the University of Hawaii. Before going out, we had our picture taken next to this huge calligraphy in Lincoln Hall.

Marilyn shared that the calligrapher is SANO Tankyu and this piece was created in 1978 and was donated to the East West Center permanent art collection.

The word is harmony. I took this photo from "The Spirit of the Chinese Character", a book I cherish.

Voila: the rainbow shower trees

Monday, June 20...Day 1/50

I decided to challenge myself on Facebook as my friend Tyson Oshiro does on Facebook...
He is currently doing a 50x50x50 (50photos/in50days/with a 50mm lens)
This photo was actually taken on Saturday, June 18. I call it "Moon Framed"

Tuesday, June 21...Day 2/50

Photo of our State Capital from the grounds of Iolani Palace. Here you can see both the Coat of Arms symbolizing Hawaii's past as a Kingdom as well as the State Seal symbolizing Hawaii's present and future as a State within the democracy of the United States.

Wednesday, June 22...Day 3/50

Byodo-In Temple: Valley of the Temples- Kaneohe, Hawaii

I like this one but I think the above is more interesting.

Before going home, I stopped by Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, these photos are in their large exhibit room. I have been taking photos with some guys and we decided to do a show. There are 77 photos and on Thursday, June 30 we will be removing them for another group.

Thursday, June 23...Day 4/50

La`ie Point, North Shore, Oahu
I really like this place and had a hard time choosing one photo. I am sorry the 50mm lens was not wide enough to capture the complete island.  FYI, the word for hole is "puka" - so this island has a puka.

I had a fun day with Tracey: going to La`ie Point and Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. I am happy she is 5'9" and able to write our names on their truck