Sunday, July 26, 2009

Honus and Haleiwa Bon Dance / Lantern Parade, 7/25/09

Summertime is when Bon Dance happen at different Temples.  This weekend it was at Haleiwa Jodo Mission.  

But before enjoying the festivities, my gym friends headed off to Laniakea Beach to see the honus (turtles).

I enjoyed taking pictures of these cute dogs and cat.

Oops, I caught this cat yawning.
At the temple, they sold lanterns, towels and t-shirts.  The lanterns will be sent out to sea.  The name of the person being remembered is written on these lanterns.  The towels are used as head bands.

Got this sunset.
This year attendance was terrific.  It was actually hard to get any pictures with so many people.

This light was one of the lights used to light up the beach where the lanterns were sent out to the ocean.  Toro Nagashi was at 9 pm.  The Temple's priest blessed the ceremony and lead the group out to the beach.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday at the Zoo, 7/22/09

During the summer, every Wednesday from 6- 7 pm, there are different entertainers.  Tonight was Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii.

Being the photo nut that I have become, I had to check out the tiger and her cubs. Her offsprings are now full grown.  Mom continues to pace the fence.

Here was one of her sons.

I think this was mom.

Salsa Hawaii is pretty large.
The next 3, I focused on Rolando since I had my zoom.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary, 7/11/09

It was a joy to be asked to take candid pictures of my friend's parents "Surprise" 50th wedding anniversary.  Erick and I had a delightful time.

As you can tell the honorees have just entered.  Erick took pictures of the honorees' surprise while I took the expressions of their guests.


Believe it or not, the cute cake topping is the exact one for their wedding 50 years ago.
Her father is still playful as ever.

LiSa and her husband put together a reminiscent slideshow.

It was nice to see her father sharing his appreciation.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Digital Clock, 7/20/09

See how accurate your digital clock is with this one.

Click on the word clock.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wahiawa Botanical Garden, 7/18/09

Cool, a hasselblad camera!

Large depth of field, but while the shutter was open I brought the zoom in.  Check out the effect by double clicking on this picture.

Here is one done with HDR - high dynamic range with auto exposure blending.

Looking up with a fellow photographer, we wondered what that was up in the tree.  Since he didn't have his zoom, I shot it.
Checking the shot and zooming in , wow he was correct, it really is the tree's flower.
I still have proof that I was at this garden.  Maybe because it was raining not heavy but not drizzling, the mosquitos were out and boy did they have a feast with me.  I think I got on my face at least 12 bites and each arm got 20 bites.  Ooooooh, itchy!