Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My last day in British Columbia, Canada, 7/2/09

I knew we would have to leave by 7 am inorder to get back to Kelownas' airport.  It would take 6 hours by car to get there.  

Although I intended to wake up at 5, I woke up at 4:oo to this.  It was 6.6 degrees Celsius = 43.88 degrees Fahrenheit. It was so beautiful!  

Although I couldn't get a clear shot, I am happy I got this duck in flight.
As I was shooting pictures, I could hear this humming bird.

Here is a closer view.

Needless to say, I slept as Tony and Rocky drove back.  Just before getting to the airport, we had a nice lunch with Jadine.


SW said...

The misty fog in the water is so very beautiful...but SOOOO COLD!!! Glad you made it outside anyways to get those shots! I'm so glad you were able to share your photos on your blog..

Erick said...

Nice scenery shoots, duck and humming bird! Looks like you had a great time in Canada!