Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary, 7/11/09

It was a joy to be asked to take candid pictures of my friend's parents "Surprise" 50th wedding anniversary.  Erick and I had a delightful time.

As you can tell the honorees have just entered.  Erick took pictures of the honorees' surprise while I took the expressions of their guests.


Believe it or not, the cute cake topping is the exact one for their wedding 50 years ago.
Her father is still playful as ever.

LiSa and her husband put together a reminiscent slideshow.

It was nice to see her father sharing his appreciation.


Erick said...

Nice shooting! I really like the expression on the dad's face when he was presenting the cake to mom. That was a nice anniversary party, glad to have been a part of it.

jalna said...

Very, very nice job capturing the emotions of the party.

SW said...

Looked like a fun party. I'm sure they'll be glad to see the great photos you and Erick took. I really like that in all your shots the couple looks so naturally happy and truly enjoying themselves.

celia said...

Thanks Erick, Jalna and SW - I am glad you could see their emotions - it was truly a special time for the couple.