Friday, July 17, 2009

Korean Festival, 7/11/09

Although this was a Korean Festival, other cultural groups were invited to participate.

Chinese Lion Dance:
The little lion was so cute.

Taiko drummers:

The song contest was really good.  She was part of a pair that won the song contest.  
In between contestants, I enjoyed looking up.
I was nicely surprised as I zoomed and noticed this was a FedEx airplane.
I had a difficult time taking pics.  Notice the soft white area on the right; it was a hat.  
This was Kwan Hee.  The girls went nuts.  He is really famous.
I had to really crop this picture, because on the left I got someone's hair.  I am way too short. We got stuck sitting in the 4th row.  Not fair.  

They were the last 2 famous performers from Korea.


Erick said...

Cool shots! Great use of that huge 70-200mm IS f/2.8. I really like the drummer shots, good action shots. Great job!

jalna said...

Soooo cute the little lion. Nice shots!!

SW said...

The lions pics came out really nice. That's quite a reach for the 70-200mm lens. Seems like you and some fun even during the breaks. Nice shots of the Korean stars too.