Tuesday, June 20, 2023

My trip back to Hawaii, the island of Oahu, 7/8-7/21/22


Knowing, I would have 13 days here, I preplanned my get togethers.

Friday, 7/8

I arrived at 1 pm, (thank you Sandy for picking me up) the day of our 50th reunion - yes class of '72. I went to  Hawaii School for Girls later known as La Pietra. We had 34 graduates. Although this a small group of us, we enjoyed our reunion and saw at least 5 on Zoom.

We are giving a side view to show off the earrings our friend, Cynthia, in France made for us but was unable to attend. She was so thoughtful to make us earrings.

Saturday, 7/9

Early lunch-  at Margaret's with her husband and Ruth.

Tonight was the all class reunion.

After, I went to Bourbon Street to join Glenn's group for some dancing.

I usually don't see the sunsets in LA. This was so pretty, miss these.

Sunday, 7/10

Breakfast at Zippy's with Ann. She was my walking buddy at the condo. 

My photo friends gave me a party. The guys and I have been taking photos since 2009 so we have bonded. About 2 years ago, I met Natalie at the Koko Head Botanical and included her in this group.  As you can see from this photo, it was pretty fun. Thank you Curtis.

Monday, 7/11

Met Larry at 5 am at Ala Moana Beach Park. He is such a wonderful person greeting walkers. I think in 2021, Evelyn suggested we walk due to the Pandemic, we felt uncomfortable about going to the gym. Evelyn, Dee Dee, Fran and I would meet 5 am. Larry and Sam was always there, I think they were there at 4:30. This morning, I was happy to see the guys.

After, I walked over to Ala Moana shopping center where I met Glenn. He drove me to the North Shore and enjoyed lunch at this place - one of my favorite stops.  I really enjoy their Sweet Lady of Waiahole dessert (warm kulolo and haupia ice cream)

5:30 pm - Mahina and Suns - with Melinda

Tuesday, 7/12

8:45- Foster Gardens - made photos at here with the guys then lunch at Nikos' - yay, local food

4:00 pm - Ann and I walked in the neighborhood

6:00 pm - Zippy - Kamehameha Lions Club General meeting (thank you Sandy for driving me there)

Wednesday, 7/13

6:00 am - Starbucks with Ruth, Anne, Fran and Evelyn

9:45 am-  Sweet Es with Sandy and SN

5:00 pm - Assagio with Carol O.

Thursday, 7/14

4:30 am - Ala Moana Beach Park - Dee Dee and Evelyn (thank you Fran for picking me up)

11:00  - Song - hairdresser, color and trim (thank you Fran for driving me there)

1:40 - Fooki and later Dunk'n Doughnuts - Pauline and Joy 

6:00 - Tadashi - Sharon

Friday, 7/15

4:30 am - Ala Moana Beach Park - Dee Dee and Evelyn (thank you Evelyn for picking me up)

The Coffee Crawlers - it was fun to meet them in person. We later played Hanafuda

Sakura Terrace - celebrated my older son, Michael's birthday - 41 years old. It is also his uncle Gary's birthday.

Saturday, 7/16

Thank you Evelyn, for going out with me.   

Tiny Pyramid - Dawn, Ali, Donna, Melvina, Brenda 

6:00 pm - Peitro - Eiko

Sunday, 7/17

Suntory - Royal Hawaiian Center - Kathy and Karen

5:30 pm - Kahala Country Club with my cousins on my dad's side.

Cecilia, Lori, Cookie

Gene, Sid

Monday, 7/18

8:15 - Ann, went to various places

10:00 - Main Library to see Eyes of Hawaii photo exhibit. Island Brew - Melinda

6:00 pm - Gyotaku - Carol B. D. and Melinda

Tuesday, 7/19

4:30 am- Ala Moana Beach Park - Fran

5:30 pm- Akira, forgot to take photos - Diane, Annette and Linda

Wednesday, 7/20

5:30 pm - Hy's - my appreciation for Melinda for having me at her place during this vacation.

Thursday, 7/21

5:45 am - Harry's - Evelyn, Fran and Dee Dee

Noon- Legend - Kathy

2:00 - Cousin Wayne Wai, gave him family photos 

flight: 9:25 pm (thank you Dennis and Mike for taking me to the airport at 6pm)

This was a long post, but I really wanted to remember this awesome vacation.