Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost film in New York and huh?, 1/17/11

Shun Wah shared a request of New Yorker, Todd Bieber, who found a film canister in the snow. He developed the film and was impressed with the black and white pictures and would like to give the negatives to the owner - he made a YouTube in hopes that someone would recognize the owner. I agree the pictures are very nice. Friend Jalna also posted this request. I hope others will try to help.


This cute stuff animal was left in the lobby where I live which means anyone can take it. Thanks Erick for this pic to show how large "Blueberry" is.

Okay, I got in the act. Thanks Erick and Shun Wah. Too funny, huh?

Monday, January 10, 2011

This past weekend, 1/8-9/11

Erick and I found it challenging to shoot the women's basketball because our favorite seats were taken. There were more attendees due to the men playing afterwards - there were tickets for either the women's or both games.

She was so cute.

The next day, Erick and I enjoyed the 19th annual Japanese Chamber of Commerce celebration of the New Year. It was a wonderful event promoting the Japanese culture.
Mochi pounding...

Taiko "drum"...

Tradional dance...

Shogi (Japanese chess)...
There were so many things to see and enjoy such as Japanese Tea Ceremony, Kimono dressing for the children with picture taking, Calligraphy, Gyotaku (Japanese art of fish painting), Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arranging), Bonsai (Japanese art of miniature trees), lots of Japanese food vendors, crafts. I also enjoyed the Kenshikan Keno Cub (martial arts with lots of gear for protection).

Next year will be their 20th - I am not going to miss it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby, 12/31/10 and Happy New Year, 1/1/11

I am so happy for my friends who just had a baby 12 days ago. She is so cute!!!

Here is the happy family.
Luckily, daddy can cook. We enjoyed a delicious lunch. Hee hee this is an aerial shot. I needed to stand on their chair to get this.
Later that night, I met up with Ruth, Alan and Dennis at Murphy's Bar and Grill. The desserts were yummy and I really liked this adorned light fixture. Sure got me in the mood to celebrate New Year's.

The following pics were taken with my Panasonic ZS3 - only the first 2 have been edited - especially the second one for noise/grain.
We wanted to take pictures of the fireworks from Aloha Tower Market Place, however we did not want to pay $20.00 to get in. So we moved on.

Star of Honolulu also had New Year's festivities but about 1/2 hour before midnight moved out to allow everyone to see the fireworks from a better place.
So where did we take these fireworks? We sat on the rocks along the shore fronting the parking lot. I was going to edit these pics and thought it would be better to show what the scene mode: fireworks, can do.

I always find it difficult to take fireworks shots, within the 10 minutes so many fireworks are shot up that I can't figure when to take the pics. When too many are up, my pictures get blown out.