Monday, September 26, 2016

Zoo time, 9/25/16

The six of us again. I have not been to the zoo for quite some time and knowing how far some of the animals and birds are I made sure to have my 70-200 zoom lens.

The toucan on the left started communicating, Milton could hear some sounds.

It was a challenge to eliminate the wire cage especially since I wanted to capture the beauty of these birds.

Best not get this guy upset.

A little shut eye.

In the aviary, the birds are free to fly in a larger enclosed space.

As much as I have enjoyed my Fuji XT-10, the Canon with the 70-200 lens was the one for this venue. It was fun guys.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Six of us, 9/10/16 Cactus Garden

Six of us met at the Cactus Garden on the campus of Kapiolani Community College. This is Mr. Moriso Teraoka's 1988 creation.

 Huh? A cacti with a cool flower.

What I like about photography is checking out what to photograph. This "Night-blooming cereus" amazed me as this cacti has so many stages of development.

Young papayas

 Derek and I found the other 4.

 Just a little artsy fartsy

I have mixed feelings about seeing the car on the right. Mad because why would someone park so crooked and so close to my car. Happy that he did not hit my car!!!
I was unable to join the guys for the other planned destinations and that is why I did not confront the guy and the lady especially when he came back before I left and swung his door open. It tapped my door but he looked like a guy who could care less.