Saturday, December 30, 2017

"Mochi-tsuki" Mochi Pounding, 12/30/17

The other day, my photo friend Curtis Takano mentioned he will be going to his friend's annual mochi pounding. I immediately invited myself. I am glad the Nishimoto Ohana is still continuing this Japanese tradition.

Here is the clip

My first hand experience...

Sweet rice

Soaked overnight

Rice is steamed. When the steam reaches the top, it means the bottom tray is ready.

The hot rice has just been emptied into this container 

The first step is to break up the rice by each person pushing it to the other. In between a person is ready to use a scooper to turn the rice up and mix it - after about 4 rounds or when the rice is softer then the pounding begins. Each person alternately pounds it 3 times and again the person uses the scooper to turn the softer rice up and mix it.

Ready to make the individual mochi for:
"Kagami mochi - mirror rice cake" display for New Year decoration - "It usually consists of two round mochi (rice cakes), the smaller placed atop the larger, and a daidai (a Japanese bitter orange) with an attached leaf on top."

The Nishimoto family was generous in giving me all these (apology: they did not look like this when I left).
I partook in the mochi softening and pounding (I am not strong, my hits were like taps). I also partook in forming these mochi which was difficult for me to understand. Jennifer was very patient!!!

 It was such a fun day, besides a potluck, Geri made us custom sushi.

Mine had everything: avocado, tuna, cucumber, imitation crab, spam. Then there were condiments to indulge in.

It will be very sad if this tradition originating of course from Japan many centuries ago is discontinued. I am so happy I invited myself to experience this. Thank you Curtis and Jennifer as well as the Nishimoto Ohana (family)!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

From Kuuloa Regional Park to Wahiawa Botanical Garden, 12/27/17

Actually, we (Derek, Milton, Curtis, Angie, Dewey) began at Kaneohe Denny's for breakfast.

Before we even got to Kuuloa Regional Park, we had to stop to capture this view.

From the park is "Chinaman's Hat".

Notice the dog

Lā`ie Point State Wayside

Haliewa Alii Park - short stop: too rainy and the water was rough.

Wahiawa Botanical Garden - did not venture far due to the rain - it was good for me to focus.

Many attempts to get a bokeh - thanks Derek for teaching me how to capture them.

Thanks Derek for this photo - not only is the beanie funny but you can see me intently focused.

Thanks Derek for creating our last 2017 photo outing. It has been a good year as we enjoyed meals together, laughed a lot and went to various places.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, 12/17/17

 Just 8 photos to share. Derek, Milton S., Dewey and I took a different path today.

This first one, I edited it until it looked artsy fartsy.

I usually don't see this beautiful female blue tail damselfly.  Hence here are 3; I got very close and manually focused the middle one. 

We did have a great time!!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Time ever so precious,
Why dost thou leaveth me so often?
Have I offended or neglected you?
Shall I surrender myself to you?
For it is you who can make my life full.
Without you where's my track?
Where do I go? What can I do?

Sometimes I long to stay with you,
Other times, I wish you would never come,
And there there are times I can't wait for you.

You so effervescent, never letting me know when you go,
For every moment of you must be savored.

I wrote this for an assignment in college, I remember the words just flowed. I actually was surprised that I had personified time and it turned out to be a love letter as well as the use of some Old English words.

Just yesterday, a fourth grade student commented to me how time is going so fast, second quarter is almost over.

I am feeling the pressure of time as I do have a lot I want to finish in 2 weeks. However when doing planks, time is very slow!

What is time like for you?