Sunday, November 8, 2009

North Shore, 11/6/09

I took some friends from Toronto, Canada to the North Shore. One of the guys had his camera so we had fun taking pictures.

Going out, we stopped at the Dole Plantation, I am sorry no pictures to share. We enjoyed some fresh local fruits that were sold just outside the visitor center. The bowls were filled with sliced mango, papaya, coconut, sugar cane and apple banana. We also enjoyed pineapple juice from the center.

Then we headed off to Laniakea Beach to see if any Honus (turtles) came ashore. Oooh no luck. But I got this shot, check out this wave.
The following are from the famous "Pipe Line" surf spot. Although last week there were large waves - today it was pretty small but a bit rough. We found out next Thursday, 11/12/09 the waves will be high.

Driving back we caught this sunset. One thing I learned while reviewing my sunset pictures, I should have used a small aperture. I really had to crop this picture to eliminate the overblown sun.
The evening ended with a yummy dinner at Little Village Noodle House. This was a treat for the guys. The food was really good, and it was not in Waikiki but in Chinatown. It is more fun to eat where the locals eat.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hula at the Waikiki Shell, 10/11/09

From my friend SW's blog she mentioned: Pi’o Anuenue, the Rainbow Connection, made up of several Hula halaus including some from Tokyo held a free hula and Tahitian dance concert featuring over 100 dancers. It started around 4pm and didn't end till after 8pm! It actually featured a graduation of 5 of the members of the troupe.

Aaargh, this is such a delayed post. I had a hard time choosing pictures. I tend to single out a dancer because with group shots, it is hard to have everyone in sync. Therefore lots of groups were not included.

I am not sure what type of hula this is but it was nice to see this variety.

The little ones were way cute and talented.

I think the Tahitian dancers had so much fun!

My token group shot.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Opanda IExif for Win98 / Me / 2000 / XP


After downloading this free software, right click a picture & the metadata will be shown.

For example:

I had posted this picture under New to Macro Shooting, 9/26/09 & voila.

Canon 50D
1/6400, f2.8
Aperture priority
ISO 400
Exposure Bias +0.67EV
Center Weighted Average metering
No flash
Auto White Balance

Thank you Jalna for sharing this info when I asked you how you knew what my settings were.

PC users you are lucky. Mac users such as myself, it appears it does not support our platform. Anyone know of any equivalent Mac program?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Foster Botanical Garden, 11/1/09

A little macro shooting.
Included here is a butterfly garden. Shun Wah was patient and got a butterfly. So cool! I couldn't get any so I am happy with this caterpillar

Look at what was in the bromeliads. I did have to crop this picture.
Not too many pictures, it was really hot. My friends and I will have to go back again. This place is so beautiful!!!