Saturday, September 26, 2009

New to Macro Shooting, 9/26/09

Jalna, kudos - I am now new to macro shooting. I was happy with this picture of this wet leaf.
Then I got closer
and closer.
Now I cropped one of my pictures to emphasize the water droplets.


jalna said...

OH MY GAWWWWD Celia. I notice that you shot all of those at f2.8 and they're sooooooo right on sharp exactly where you want it to be. I'm so happy that you've gotten the hang of it so fast. Hoooo hoooo!!

SW said...

those are so cool!! I LOVE the water came out so sharp!

Erick said...

Nice macro shots! The droplets are amazingly cool.

Rocky said...

Very impressive shots, Celia. You have good equipment but you also need the right technique and eye.

Anonymous said...

Super. Sehr schoene Aufnahmen !!!