Monday, September 21, 2009

Air Force Thunderbirds, 9/19-20/09

I took this picture to compare the 2 Thunderbirds with the 2 jet planes. As you can see they took off from the Honolulu International Airport to entertain us with an awesome air show over Hickam Air Force Base..

Yes, you do see the Thunderbird on the right is flying upside down.
I was lucky to go on Saturday and Sunday with friends from Eyes of Hawaii. I think the people on that side had a better vantage point. On Sunday, I did take pictures from that side.

Amazing precision!

I wish I could show you more of their maneuvers. It is a show you don't want to miss.


SW said...

Your single shot of the Thunderbirds came out so sharp. Nice catch of the planes flying above the air traffic tower... I was trying to get a shot like that but just wasn't fast enough. Thanks for tellng me about th great spot to check out the thunderbirds and giving me a 2nd chance to watch them perform.

jalna said...


Rocky said...

The Thunderbirds came to Kelowna last year but I missed them. Great pics, Celia.

pcsty said...

I was there both Saturday & Sunday with the Oahu Photography Meetup Group.