Friday, May 31, 2013

Sushi, Lantern Floating Hawaii, Wet, 5/21,27,31/13

As you can tell - this a collection of 3 venues/events. 

Sushi Bistro's sushis are so yummy especially when Erick orders. Hee hee, I just have 4 pictures plus the cute specials' display, cuz I was enjoying company and the sushis.  Our group of 4 have been treating each other on our birthdays. 

Lantern Floating Hawaii is a Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order event that is held on the same day as Memorial Day. Here is link to their site:
There is no cost for the lanterns, donations are accepted. Each lantern is special as everyone personalizes them with the memories of their loved ones that have gone before them.
 This line with the buoys is to assist in preventing the lanterns from going out to sea.

Behind the scene, the guys in white will paddle out to first launch lanterns, then assist in retrieving the lanterns.

This was a picture from 2010, Rudy took this from one of the neighboring condos. I think this year the participants/crowd must have tripled.
Some lanterns are set out to sea from these canoes, others have to wait for the directions to launch theirs.
Thanks Bobby for calling me and picking me up. It was neat how we walked all around to see different aspects of this event.
 Hula girls awaiting to entertain.

Bobby pointed out this lantern in the sky.

From our vantage point which was near the line with the buoys - we were unable to see Her Holiness Shinso Ito who gave the blessing for this ceremony. There was a big screen which helped us see her and the entertainment.

Wet - Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden - Kaneohe

 Koolau mountains
Curtis, Derek and Milton S. laughing. We barely got pass this area the rain was such a challenge. 

Curtis came back from a trip to Japan. If you know us photographers, we have lots of gear. To lessen his load he made the collapsable diffuser. Very good - in my previous blog South Shore Surf - I show off my creation. Hee hee, some might say - wow cheap. That is great - it is a creation and it works.

By the way I forgot to mention where I took the surf pictures - it was at "Point Panic" - perfect name.
You guys - gotta go out again - hopefully when the weather is better. Did not expect the rain.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

South Shores Surf, 5/17/13 & 5/19/13

The north shores of the island of Oahu usually have high swells/waves. So when we heard the south shores were going to have 6-10 feet waves - lots of surfers came out as well as photographers.

Linda and I decided to check out "Point Panic" to capture the action.

I came back today because I wanted to make more pictures. But today, the swells came rapidly making surfing difficult.

I noticed the more experience surfers were not surfing and were shaking their heads as they watched those surfing. Luckily some were in the water and were able to help the less experienced surfers come back to shore. The ambulance did come to access someone who did need assistance.

 Today, water patrol was in place.
Off he goes to aid. I also saw a helicopter going in the same direction.

Hmmm? Who is playing with my camera? Looks like Bobby Doo and Benji.

I felt when I went with Linda on Friday, I could not see what I was taking since my camera doesn't have a view finder and the back screen display is so bright from the sun. So I attached a "hoodman" with bungee cords. I also felt I could not hold my camera steady on Friday so I added an invention my friend Mark Kaku created. Tomorrow, I will bring my set up to our Eyes of Hawaii photography meeting.