Sunday, April 29, 2018

Koko Head Botanical, 4/29/18

To get good light, we have to start early, breakfast at Jack's @7:30. Derek, Dewey, Milton S., Curtis and I filled our tummies. Curtis went on his merry way, while the rest of us headed out to Koko Head Botanical. Weather was perfect.

This photo is from Milton S. - shows how photogs see different things.

Off to Fatboy for more yummies for our tummies.

Tonight I did another post - it was yesterday's outing - Kakaako, 4/28/18

Kakaako, 4/28/18

It was nice getting together with Eric and Shun Wah. Kakaako is full of character!!! There are old buildings, new buildings, wall art - Shun Wah had a locater of the Pow Wow art.

Its reflection

Wish the cars were not there

So 70's

Some reflections

Mix of old and new

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Zoo, 4/15/18

Thankfully we did not have rain - the last 2 days the rains were heavy. Therefore we: Derek, Dewey, Bob, Milton S., and Walter had a fun today. Lots of joking, also got some good tips of how to use the lens stabilizer - so helpful!!!

Now the birds with thick wire cages...

I feel really bad for Violet and Rusti - they have been separated - last time I came was in October 2017 and already they were separated. You can see Rusti on the other side.

 Eventually Rusti moved away from the shared fence. He is lucky - he gets the bigger area.

Thank you Derek for blocking the glare from the glass.

The aviary...

This cute porcupine sums it all-
so many animals were too tired to come out or were laying around.

Our mode of operation is to enjoy lunch afterwards at Kim Chee II in Kaimuki.