Monday, June 29, 2009

Time for Theo, 6/29/09

Theo's walk.  I did photoshop out his leash.  It is not safe to be on this roadway without one.
Coming up is the Fire Station
Yup, that is the Fire Station.
Look at the size of those logs.
Coming back.

Theo's swim.

Due to yesterday's internet challenges, I made sure I caught up with my posts. There are 2 more before this one.

Green Lake, 6/28/09

I am now further north about a 4 hour drive.  Look for Green Lake.

Rocky mentioned they have a cottage.  This is a cottage?

Lots of wood.

Hanging out on Green Lake fronting their place.

Great neighbors: Leslie and David
This dock is infront of their place.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nature's Beauty and a Funny Moment, 6/26/09

I can't get enough of nature's beauty.  So before leaving Kelowna, I had to take more pictures at Rocky and Tony's place.  My excuse for not picking cherries?  I have to take the pictures.

I was pleasantly surprised that cherries are attached by 3's.  I see so many pictures of a pair of cherries.

Although this is grass, I really like how the light hits it.

This dandelion was so pretty against a small hill.  
Their hibiscus was sooo pretty.
Sometimes we saw regular parking meters.  Sometimes we saw these:

Okay this is the funny moment.  Rocky is suppose to lay off these because of the sugar. However when we went to "Super Store", she mentioned to Tony that "Celia needs to get black licorice".  I of course say "oh yes"  We were quickly interrupted with Tony looking over our shoulder and shaking his head.  OMG, we bust out laughing and can't stop. My sides ached so much, I was actually screaming, "Oweeeee"  (Tony's thougths: why would Celia want Australian black licorice from Canada?)
Isn't presentation everything?
Rocky lives on the mountain in the background.
From her place you can see a red sign on a building.  That is the place I took the previous picture of the H2O Adventure and Fitness Center. I mentioned this place in my June 22 post.
Nature's beauty.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life is Good, 6/24/09

My previous post, was titled "On a Wet Day", well no worries.  That night, Rocky and I enjoyed Limoncello, an Italian liquer.  Remember to say "Limoncello" with an Italian flair.
It was so good, I decided to make it last longer.   I poured a little on top of a biscotti and topped that with whip cream.  By the time I took a bunch of pictures, the liquor had soaked into the biscotti and what can I say, "life is good".  

I was amazed how the reflection of this dessert can be seen within the glass.
Black and white
I enjoy watching Goibles
 and Theo.
On our morning walk.  
This was too funny.  Rocky wanted to use only 1 Toonie, a Canadian 2 dollar coin to wash her car.  She frantically hosed down her car.  I admittedly didn't follow directions and when it was time to rinse, I hadn't turn the dial.  My touching the choice did nothing.  So we lost some precious time.  We couldn't stop laughing.  

We laughed as we vacumned the car in record time with 1 Loonie, a Canadian 1 dollar coin.
Downtown Kelowna, fronting the Okanagan Lake.  Me and  the mythical Ogopogo,
It was a nice day for this reflection shot.
Rocky, Gail, and I enjoyed a  yummy Indian lunch.
At a winery, I tried my best to capture the vineyard.

This is my best picture so far.  While at this vineyard, I heard some noise, I looked up and saw this bird.  

Luckily my camera was already set at Aperture preferred F8, ISO 400, Spot metering, Auto white balance.  The shutter speed was 1/2000 of a second.  (No alterations to this picture)
When I cropped this picture, I was amazed at the sharpness.
I again cropped and was thrilled with this sharpness.  This amazes me as I checked my focal point and it was above the wing. Go figure.  I was so lucky as I only took 1 picture.  The bird flew away.
I conclude, "life is good".