Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kaua`i with a Photo Friend, 3/21-23/13

Linda and I decided to bring our bears to help tell about our trip.
Before having breakfast at Joe's on the Green, in Po`ipu, we saw this taro patch which is part of an Ahupua`a (an ancient Hawaiian land division which runs from the apex of the mountain to the sea).
During breakfast, Linda took this picture of Benji playing photographer while giving me pointers about filling the frame. Thanks Linda.
At the vista point of Koke`e State Park, we laughed because we could not see the cliff area of Napali into where the helicopter tours fly.

 We caught Boo doing some rock climbing.
 That is Ni`ihau in the distance.
This rooster is a familiar sight on Kaua`i.
Yay! Linda got a picture of the Nene goose, our state bird.
Sugar Cane Snax is a must for their `ono (yummy) granola and cookies.
Across the street, we enjoyed COCONUT everything: coconut noodles, coconut water, and fresh coconut!

Boo is slurping the coconut water.
Linda is enjoying the coconut meat.

On our last day, we headed to Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

Kudos to Linda, cuz it was hard to capture flying birds!!!
Another must, was our ice cream at Lappert's at the Coconut Market Place in Kapa`a. Oops, Linda asked me, "why is Benji over there?" I realized he fell out of my pocket in my haste to get ICE CREAM. We were rushing around too much because we were trying to fit one more place to visit before returning to the airport.
 Sad dejected Benji...the ice cream did not appease him at all!

Wailua River State Park.
 Thanks again, Linda...for Benji's portrait.
Even Benji waited patiently for our plane.
Guess what? We will have to go back to Kaua`i!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kattaree, Katch, Rone, crochet, 3/3/13 and 3/17/13

I feel Erick did a wonderful job of the well known photo - Breakfast at Tiffany's. I suggested we do the shoot at my place. Kattaree was such a good sport as well as a beautiful Audrey Hepburn look alike. Her make up was done by Tina and wow what a terrific job.  Here is a link to Erick's blog of Kattaree

After looking at Jalna's blog, Katch Time, I wanted to go back to Pow Wow 2013 and do more pictures. Look closely at the windows and the windows with louvres as well as all the clocks.

He also incorporated the light fixtures.

The following 3 are his. My son, Jon, said he is from Australia and is one of his favorites. I can see why.
I am happy to share this one which in my previous post was incomplete.
Just as I was leaving I came across this one on Keawe St. between Ala Moana Blvd. and Auahi St. Too bad it was tucked away with trash bins in front of it.

Guess what else I came across? Wow Kakaako is getting artsy and a fun place to come to.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Portrait Lighting, 3/2/13 and Some More Pow Wow, 2/23/13

Photography is so much fun and there is so much to learn. This past Saturday, 3/2/13, I learned how to use my Speedlite 580 EXII. I have always been intimidated with using a flash. Luckily, I got many chances at this workshop put on Pacific New Media with Jerry Omo. Photography is all about light - so where it comes and how much affects a portrait/photo

This diffuser helped to cut down the amount of light on our model. I appreciated the wind on her hair.
She is so pretty!!!

We also learned to make a blue sky. Myself and other's laid low to capture the sky. I thought it was fun to also capture this photographer getting the opposite view.
Our model was Jerry's daughter. Let me tell you, she was a great sport. She wore 4 outfits and allowed the 10 of us to get the practice we needed.

For this shot, our model was too far for our flash to work, instead of using our flash unit - we attached a remote trigger that fired a flash set up closer to her.

My previous blog was about Pow Wow Hawaii, 2/17/13. I had to come another day to get this photo. On Feb. 17, the sun was shining directly on this wall creating telephone pole/wire shadows.

I actually do not know who this person is - and I was surprised to see it as these wonderful works of art were all over the place.

I believe Prime and Estria made wall/street art popular here in Honolulu. Congratulations! It was so nice to see the talents of their art visible for us.