Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kattaree, Katch, Rone, crochet, 3/3/13 and 3/17/13

I feel Erick did a wonderful job of the well known photo - Breakfast at Tiffany's. I suggested we do the shoot at my place. Kattaree was such a good sport as well as a beautiful Audrey Hepburn look alike. Her make up was done by Tina and wow what a terrific job.  Here is a link to Erick's blog of Kattaree

After looking at Jalna's blog, Katch Time, I wanted to go back to Pow Wow 2013 and do more pictures. Look closely at the windows and the windows with louvres as well as all the clocks.

He also incorporated the light fixtures.

The following 3 are his. My son, Jon, said he is from Australia and is one of his favorites. I can see why.
I am happy to share this one which in my previous post was incomplete.
Just as I was leaving I came across this one on Keawe St. between Ala Moana Blvd. and Auahi St. Too bad it was tucked away with trash bins in front of it.

Guess what else I came across? Wow Kakaako is getting artsy and a fun place to come to.


Erick said...

Hey CD, thanks for letting us use the Do Dad Photo Studio for the Breakfast at Tiffany's shoot. It was the perfect place.

celia said...

Thanks EV, I am glad my pad was the venue. That was so much fun!

SW said...

great setting for the shoot..great pics!! just like the apartment in the movie.. Great colors in the wall art! and.. Is that a sweater for a tree??

celia said...

SW, EV's idea was terrific - so glad we were able to fulfill his dream. I hope you get to check out the wall art, so impressive! Hee Hee, it was a surprise to see that tree. I bet in a 6 months, we will see more art in Kakaako.