Sunday, October 2, 2022

Arizona 9/16-19/22

Friday, Sept. 16, 
I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona @8:00 pm. Loyal and Peggy picked me up and drove home to Tuscon which was a 2 hour drive. Nighty night.

Saturday, Sept. 17...

Off to Bisbee. Notice to the A on the mountain. The University of Arizona is below it.

First stop, Cafe Cornucopia. This place had such good  food, especially their desserts. Notice the repurpose items - door handle, toilet roll holder and clock

Notice the B on the mountain; it marks where Bisbee is.

Thank you Peggy, we were focused on the church.

This stairway is not part of the church but in another area.

Now at Tombstone. They preserved the cowboy days.

This is an original building.  

Thank you Peggy for this photo

More info, click on this link The Bird Cage Theatre - Tombstone, Arizona

I had to add this

In search of pecans. We passed him going to Bisbee and decided to stop when we saw him again. He sold pecans, a variety of prepared pistachio and many more items. He was friendly. It was nice to support him.

I did buy Honey but forgot about the regulations at the airport for liquids. The TSA lady said, I could put it in my luggage and check it in but I was in another terminal. Terminal A had too many people at the TSA area so were were told to go to Terminal B. She was going to escort me to check it in. But then we would have to go back to Terminal A - oh well, I gave up my Honey, sure wish I could have brought it home.

A must stop spot.

One more stop before going home and chilling in their pool with wine. 

Sunday, Sept. 18...

Loyal and I met in their backyard at 4:00 am to get the stars. We drove off to Squaro National Park, that did not work, too many cars. We went back home, that also did not work - the moon was too bright.

Close by to their place is this Scenic Trailhead, we got there around 9:15 am.

This mountain is known as Sombrero

Very tall Saguaro

Lunch at La Parrilla Suiza (google translate the Swiss grill). Peggy ordered the Seafood Molcajete.

Luckily at the Saquaro National Park visitor center. Loyal got tips about how to take stars. Do it before the moon rises so that is about 8 pm.  This time Loyal found a place off the road so the headlights did not ruin our chances. I definitely need more practice.

Monday, Sept. 19...

We left Tuscon at 6:00 am to get me to Phoenix by 8:00 for my 10:00 am flight.

Thank you so much Peggy and Loyal, we certainly did a lot on Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed your place, your dinner on Sunday was very delish, and chilling in your salt water pool with a glass of wine. That is the good life.