Sunday, March 25, 2018

Nagaoka Fireworks, 3/11/18

The Honolulu Festival finale was the Nagaoka Fireworks off Waikiki Beach. I photographed everything using my iPhone 8. I was with an older lady so I did not want to bring my Canon camera and tripod. We sat on the wall at the end of Kapahulu Ave. 

I took a chance and took these snap shots.

I realized after seeing other photos on Facebook that I was perpendicular to the fireworks. It was 3 barges which created beautiful flowers and other objects. 

However, I am actually happy I got these holding my iPhone very steadily.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Chinatown, 3/11/18

Anyone know what time it is? I just realized it is off by an hour. It should be 9:15 and not 8:15. Our meeting time was @9 at Maunakea Market Place.

Browsing through the market.

My last name Doo apparently also means Society. There is a place called See Dai Doo which people think I am related to - but it means 4 large society - fraternal organization. Also the character for my last name is not there - it is a combination of tree and mud.

My favorite place.

I asked the price of this little chair. What $25.99! I really wanted it - but at that cost - no way!

Got to look around - saw these Chinese words - I wish I knew what it means - I took Chinese school in third and fourth grade - and I am sure I could read it. But what you don't use you loose.

Now look down.

Hey is that Walter? I bet he has Lee's custard pie in the white bag, good hubby and dad.

A little sketchy on Hotel Street

Vintage, huh?

Hurry up Curtis!!! It is lunch time.

A nice ending for our photo excursion. This is at Mei Sum.

We (Dewey, Curtis, Robert, Walter, Milton and me) missed you Derek.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Byodo-In Temple, He`eia Kea Pier, 3/4/18

Our morning began at Times Coffee Shop in Kaneohe. They have another location in Kailua. Milton S., Walter, Dewey, Curtis and myself had our bellies filled.

First thing I saw were cats-

Now I am ready to enjoy the Temple and its surroundings.

Two black swans and tons of carps.

Able to purchase bird food. They were not shy.

Inside the Byodo-In Temple

So many serene areas to relax

Even though our bellies were full, we wanted come here.

Thanks guys - as always - we laugh a lot - and we go off in different directions when photographing.