Monday, November 23, 2020

Hawaiian Railway, 11/22/20


Our photo group went on an excursion, thank you Bob for suggesting this and Walter for arranging it. This was fun!!!

Here is a link to

Not knowing if there might be traffic, we got there early and had time to look around and capture some photos.

Thank you Gary for this photo with the explanation which was on this train.

The following was on a fence with a time line. I found it very informative.

There is a cool Toy Train Museum. You have to see it for yourself.

Excuse me! That is a no no Gary. It looks like you were trying to break open the safe. Nah, all in fun.

Looks like a little of the Christmas decorations were up. I can only imagine when it gets closer, how cute this place will be.

Some scenes along the way.

I did have to crop this photos so you could see this horse, actually I think there are 2 next to each other.

The tour guide suggested we take a photo of this mountain incase it gets developed with homes.

Before we got to this place, some of the guys were able to capture 2 dolphins playing. I did see them but was unable to get any photos.

Here we stopped for some ice cream

Doesn't it look like a party in a cup with the sprinkles? It was our first time at "Aloha Rolls"

I would support Hawaiian Railway. They do not get any assistance; their income is from tickets sold to ride the train. The cost is $15.00 if you are under 62 and $10.00 for Senior/Child.

This was a wonderful 3 hour tour. It does not matter whether you sit on the side facing the mountain or the side facing the ocean, you get to switch sides when we returned with our ice cream. There were 10, plus a new friend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Foster Garden, 11/17/20


Again, I have to remind myself that yesterday was Tuesday. I am now part of the retired group meaning: Derek, Wes, Gary, Bob and Milton S.  I can now join them on a weekday. The other retired person was Curtis, but he had other plans such as golfing. Walter was jealous as he is still employed and can't join us.

Once we got into Foster Garden, we scattered like cats.

The first two were actually outside. I loved seeing the light.

This Iris plant caught the eye of Wes awhile ago. Luckily one was in bloom today. He has seen them all in bloom and the next day, none to be found. He found out they retract and bloom again. To the left you can see three that have retracted. I looked this up and they are called re-blooming bearded iris.

Did I mention cats? Here was a real one.

Yup, this was a water puddle. 

Lol, just one more step...

My one and only butterfly. I really need to be patient to capture any, they fly around too quickly.

After the shoot, we went to the end of Valley of Temples Memorial Park to get this view. I had heard about it. You guys might want to do the same.

Luckily we went yesterday, today it is cloudy with showers.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Kaka`ako Waterfront, 11/11/20


It was an impromptu to photograph silhouettes. 

Gary and I went to Kakaako Waterfront and caught the sun setting.

As the sun was setting, I was hoping for a green flash. I only had my 100mm macro lens so I could not get a close up.

Low and behold, it was a green flash tonight which is such a rare occurrence!!!

Close up of the green flash. A cropped view of the previous photo.

We asked the owners if we could take silhouettes of their dog. This dog was so sweet.

Later, we asked permission to photograph this girl on her scooter and let her know it would be a silhouette.

One last photo for the evening. Believe it or not, this was taken at 6:20 pm.

While photographing the sun set, a cute Japanese mother and daughter were speaking in Japanese but would repeatedly say green. Afterwards, I said to them were you saying green flash, the daughter happily said yes and she has seen it twice. Gary and I showed that we both got it in our cameras. They were adorable because they were so happy for us and were clapping for us. The mother could not help herself and gave me hugs. The daughter was perhaps in her early 60s.