Monday, March 26, 2012

Shop a Le`a and Maunalua Bay, 3/25/12 & Sand Island, 3/26/12

Shun Wah, Erick and I met at Ala Moana Shopping Center to enjoy the fashion shows.  Each hour for about 10 minutes, we saw different designer's fashions.  LOL, we saw some our friends and others with their cameras.  I did not come early enough to see the swim suits, heard that show was longer.
Valerie Joseph is located on the ground floor near Barnes and Noble.

Betsey Johnson, I think is located on the second floor.

Hmm, where are we now?  This is Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai.  14 members of Hawaii Photographic Society gathered for a photo outing followed by dinner at Kona Brewery.  Yes, our meals afterwards is a must.

I used my Nicna Wide Band Fader ND(W) for these pictures.

One of the reasons I chose this area was because of the canoes.
Yay, I was happy when Rob wanted to make pictures at Sand Island today.  I had the day off because we celebrated Prince Kuhio Day.
 Got some interesting stuff here.
 Again taking long exposures.  I enjoy seeing how it affects the water.

Rob, I enjoyed going to a new place and having dinner afterwards.
What a great weekend!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Sacred Urban Landscape, 3/10 & 11/12

This was my metaphoric picture of the journey I took the weekend of March 10 and 11 from 8:30 am - 6pm. Doug Beasley's class was incredible!  I really liked his comment "make a photo" versus "take a picture"
I shared how I used my hand to express this metaphor.
We learned to connect with the place.  I hope you can tell what feeling I got when I saw this kayaker.
 Use of positive and negative space.
I just liked the ripples of this duck and the raindrops. 
After, I realized what our chosen leaf was for, I asked if we could find another leaf. LOL, no dice.
 More connection...
We ended our workshop with making pictures of "street art".  
It was cool to see how this artist used the building's shutters for his picture.
Earth Meets Spirit by Doug Beasely - will be a book I will continue to treasure. It was just published and I am so glad I purchased it. Thank you so much Doug for a wonderful weekend.

Tonight, I also posted/blogged Kawaii Kon

Kawaii Kon, 3/17/12

Hmm?  What does Kawaii Kon mean?  Kawaii - cute, Kon - short for convention.  These cute characters are from: Manga's - Japanese comics or from Anime's - Japanese animations.
Some characters are not cute but very elaborate, check out the next picture - the little one's expression.

Yoshitaka Amano: Final Fantasy's artist from Japan.  Amazing, I found out that some people waited 2 hours for his autograph - this was because he was signing up to 2 items, later he signed only 1.

This was a wonderful convention for these young people and there were many events for them to attend.  FYI, there were lots of people, but I tried to angle myself, not to include them.
It was fun making pictures with you guys: Erick, Eddie and Lance.