Saturday, February 12, 2022

Curbing my activities, 2/12/22


(I like to introduce my photos rather than use captions.) 

To protect my grandson from COVID-19, his parents and I agree to curb my activities.

January 16, 2021...

I drove to Irvine to visit my friend's sister. I had the best Korean "Hot-Stone Bibimbap" the rice on the inside edge of the stonebowl was super crispy. I think they added oil to the rice.

I thought this was cute as we passed by this Ramen restaurant.

January 26, 2022...

Naomi's husband suggested we hike here. Good idea because its path is a fire road. By the time, we got to the sign in the next photo - it was a mile from the entrance. We decided perfect and returned back to our car.

After that, we had happy hour at this 1931 hotel. I have always been attracted to The Georgian when we go on our walks along Palisades Park in Santa Monica.

I am so happy that I am living in the same building as my son. My place has 2 bedrooms. Jon uses one for his studio which he pays for. What is awesome is I can see his art in progress. Here is a link to his website

Jon's homemade pizza. 

I am taking the time to make better meals.
Here is a recipe for the coffee jelly in my almond milk

Thursdays are my night to cook. I made a Mediterranean dish. I really like it. It is a bowl of yum.

Ole is such a joy.

In my patio and chilling.

Ole is not sure about this swing.

Casey's friend Jen knitted this cute orange overall. Ole is 5 months old, these soft bottom shoes are just to complete the outfit.

Jon did a cute caption for this photo, "Ole needed to brace himself when he heard how much that croissant was!"

Enjoy the videos

I am hoping more people get their vacinnation, booster and wear their masks. It will be wonderful, to be able to socialize.