Sunday, October 27, 2019

Hamakua Marsh Wildlife -Kailua and Hoomaluhia -Kaneohe, 10/27/19

Trying to catch birds in flight is truly difficult. Hense, I have only 2 after my duck photos.

This bird was across the way, my 70-200 was not able to get the reach. This is a very cropped photo.

This duck was cleaning itself, I waited patiently as I was hoping to photograph it flying away. Well that did not happen. It fell asleep. Yup, Derek  and Bob laughed.

By this time the guys also wanted to go, however, I got one more photo before leaving for Denny's

Hoomaluhia with Derek's filter a clear CD.

Many attempts for this damselfly.

Thanks again Derek for letting me borrow this cool filter.
It was nice to have mostly 3 of us. Our 4th person enjoyed the top part of Hoomaluhia.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Waimea Valley Park, 10/20/19

Luckily the weather was better at Waimea Valley Park. Kaneohe was cloudy and rainy.

As you can see, only this first one has the filter. Lol, my learning curve is high. I enjoyed using my macro lens today.

Okay, I must have used a filter here.

Love trying to get "bees in flight"

No lunch, our breakfast at Denny's was filling.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Pro Camera workshop, 10/12/19

Pro Camera had a workshop with speakers: Ken Hubbard from Tamaron  - he also brought lens for Canon and Nikon cameras to borrow as well as to purchase. Graham Clark from Breakthrough Photography using color ND filter and Graduated ND filters. A representative for BlackRapid camera straps. Tony for ProCamera Hawaii. Pictures Plus - "on location" photo contest (best: today's model, today's fashion and today's venue)

For me, I chose just 2 models:

Definitely happy, there was this eye candy

I borrowed a macro lens - it was already getting late, so I just stayed close to the area where I borrowed the lens

cropped of the above photo

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Lyon Arboretum, 10/9/19

Yay, fall break, this is a Wednesday! Thanks Derek for letting me borrow your filter - definitely having fun. 

The following are without any filter.

My 24-105 was able to get this photo without cropping.

Derek, Bob and I had a delicious Korean lunch at O Bok.