Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sunrise: Lanikai, Birds in Flight: Hamakua Marsh 2/8/20

Sunrise at Lanikai...
Although we did not see the sunrise due to clouds, there were a lot of things happening. Paddlers, lone fisherman trying to catch Papio, dogs, etc.

Wow, so many coconuts!

 This dog has 2 different color eyes.

Getting ready...

Birds in Flight: Kailua's Hamakua Marsh...

These next 4 is a continuous flight

I have never seen ducks swim low.

This bird goes down for something

Happy heron with his fish.

However this other one wants it.

Nope, it is all mine!

It was fun with the guys, 5/7 made it this morning. Times restaurant for breakfast certainly filled my tummy and our jokes made it fun.